Jhaysonn Pathak Benefit Concerts

Digital Arts alum Jhaysonn Pathak (MUTE 2007) is battling Primary Refractory Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a disease that requires a bone marrow transplant from his donor brother.  Stetson will be hosting a benefit concert in Lee Chapel on March 3 to help raise funds for uncovered medical expenses and post-transplant care.  There will also be an event called Jammin for Jhaysonn in Jacksonville on March 6.

Jhaysonn is passionate about the power of making art with computers.  He was a member of MPG and travelled with the group to both San Jose and Brooklyn, where his positive attitude and enthusiasm were infectious among the group members.  His own music is detailed and consistently blurred the lines between rhythmic and acousmatic electronic music.

Jhaysonn collecting sounds for MPG in San Jose, CA.

You can experience some of Jhaysonn’s work by:

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