Final Sequences from DIGA 101-Video

Below is a selection of final videos from DIGA 101-Video. Students developed unique title sequences for a fictitious film of their choice using Creative Commons License video and audio.

The Onyx by Lizzie Bustin

Dreams of Dali by Christy Fitzpatrick

Goldrush by Jasmine Troche

Good Times by Jacob Spangler

Escaping the Past by Nathan Kowal

Fished Out by Becca Shultz

Meltdown by Megan Molle

One Comment on “Final Sequences from DIGA 101-Video”

  • Nathan Chase

    Lizzie’s work “The Onyx” is excellent! Already a strong use of typography – even at a 101 level. Bravo!

    02-27-12 » 8:04 pm »