Have you ever met your Doppelganger?

Images and Meaning Sec 01 went searching and found their doppelgangers. Each student created a series of three portraits that interpreted the concept of the Doppelganger. See individual selections below. Advanced blending and Photoshop compositing techniques were used to develop each series.

Ian McNabb, I’m My Harshest Critic

Rachel Mathes

Lizzie Bustin, Envy

Sabrina Macho, Hypocrite

Ian Campbell


14th Annual Festival of the Moving Image


You are invited to the attend the 14th annual FMI: Festival of the Moving Image at the Athens Theater in downtown DeLand. This year the Digital Arts program and  student organization GHM: Green Hat Media will expand our usual video and animation festival to also include interactive art, sound art, audio visual performance and music all created by Stetson students.
April 18th, 2012
Athens Theater
7:00 Doors open, interactive art works and music listening station in the lobby, live music performance
7:30 Video and Animation screening featuring video and animations by Stetson students
8:30 Screening of Senior Projects by Kayla Gomme and Brent Walker
8:45 Awards Ceremony


Submissions are open to all Stetson students, deadline for all submissions is 04.06.12 5:00pm

Interactive Art
Online Submission Form
Deadline 04.06.12 5:00pm
Submission open to all interactive works created by currently enrolled Stetson students. Accepted submissions will be installed throughout the Athens Theater. Submissions must include video documentation of your project hosted by youtube or vimeo. Please list all technical and space requirement and make note of what equipment you can supply and what equipment you will need provided. Please list name, group members name, email, title, url, technical and space requirements. If selected you will be required to help install your project on the 18th of April. For questions regarding this entry email Matt Roberts

Fixed Media Audio Works
Online Submission Form
Deadline 04.06.12 5:00pm
Submission open to all fixed media audio works created by currently enrolled Stetson students . Accepted submissions will be part of a listening station placed in the lobby of the Athens Theater. All submissions must be in stereo mp3 format and hosted online (sound cloud is recommended). Please list the following using the online submission form name, email, title, length, short description and credits, and url. For questions regarding this entry email Nathan Wolek

Video and Animation
Online Submission Form
Deadline 04.06.12 5:00pm
Submissions open to all video and animation works created by currently enrolled Stetson students. Accepted submission will be screened on the main projection screen of the Athens Theater and will be considered for four cash award categories First Place, Second Place, Third Place and Audience Choice. All submissions must include a url to a video hosted by vimeo or youtube. If selected you must be able to provide a high quality version, in quicktime format, of your submission by the 13th of April. Please list the following using the online submission form name, email, title, length, url, description and credits. For questions regarding this entry email Laura Oxendine


Alums on Orlando Weekly cover

This week’s issue of the Orlando Weekly has a cover story on the local indie music scene.  The cover features a collage in which you’ll find pictures of David Plakon (DIGA Sound 2009, with his band Saskatchewan) and Nathan Chase (DIGA Art 2001, with his band The Pauses).  Inside the issue, you can read a nice feature about Saskatchewan or learn more about the Orange You Glad music festival where both bands played. Congrats to Nathan and David and all the local talent featured at Orange You Glad last weekend!

Orlando Weekly - March 8 2012

Cover art by PJ Tomayo.  Used with permission of Orlando Weekly.


OST by Daniel Capo

Daniel Capo (Piano Performance 2011) is another good example of how students can benefit from Digital Arts courses even when they are not a major.  While at Stetson, Daniel took DIGA 461 as an elective and has continued to develop his electronic music skills after graduation.  Late last year, he release a chiptunes album called O.S.T. – Original Soundtrack and was honored by Square Enix Music Online with a nomination for best chiptune album of the year. Daniel is currently pursuing an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Techniques at Mills College.  You can get his album on iTunes or Amazon or click the album cover below to visit his BandCamp site.

OST cover art

Album art: Daniel Capo


Three Or Four Words by Parker Chapman

Parker Chapman (Chemistry 2009) may not have majored in Digital Arts, but he definitely enjoyed taking electives in the program, like DIGA 101 and 361.  Parker was able to develop his skills and pursue his passion for making music in the recording studio.  That work has continued since graduating and resulted in a EP called, Three or Four Words.  The 6-tracks are for sale as a digital download with all proceeds going to Smile Train.  Parker is currently applying to med schools and continues to record whenever he finds the time.  Click on the album art below to preview or buy the album.

Three or Four Words Cover

Album cover credit: Ashley Chapman