Tomorrow = One Day

Tomorrow, Philip Meisner (DIGA Sound, 2012) will present his senior research project as a 24-hour performance streamed through the internet.  He has been hard at work creating and composing music to fill the day.  Anybody is welcome to tune in by visiting the following link starting about noon on Sunday:

Please tune in to hear and see the results of all his hard work!  By the end, we expect he will look something like this…

Phil Meisner on the floor



Nancy Paterson, an early pioneer of new media arts, will be will be talking about her work this Thursday at 11:30am in L-25. She will be discussing her current work “IXmaps a project to geographically visualize the routes taken by end user’s URL requests over the internet presenting information about fundamental core internet exchange points along the way.”

Nancy Paterson
04.26.12 11:30am -1:00pm
Room 25 L


FMI First Place Winner : Bob Langdon

Congratulations to Bob Langdon who was chosen as our 1st Place Winner at FMI : Festival of the Moving Image 2012! Bob Langdon was also the winner of the VIEWER’S CHOICE AWARD!

Disgusted with society’s obsession of technology, a man decides to prove humans can live without this contemporary medium. Written and Directed by Zach Covert Shot and Edited by Bob Langdon Starring Tyler Ehlinger, Courtney Hansen and Bob Langdon Music by Riley Corcoran and Zach Covert


FMI Second Place Winner : Matt Delisle

Congratulations to Matt Delisle who was chosen as our 2nd Place Winner at FMI : Festival of the Moving Image 2012!

As someone with poor eyesight, I’ve always been intrigued with the difference in my perception of things when I’m wearing glasses versus when I’m not. This piece attempts to capture both perceptions, while also examining the extensions of my physical self that make up my self-portrait.


FMI 3rd Place Winner : Ashley Dykes

Congratulations to Ashley Dykes who was chosen as our 3rd Place Winner at FMI : Festival of the Moving Image 2012! A special thank you to our judge this year, London-based Video Artist, Adrian Garcia Gomez!

This video is about putting on a facade towards others, but instead of the subjects being people they’re buildings: clean and ready for business in the front, and filthy in the back (by debra). Video filmed and edited by Ashley Dykes. Poem “Facade” by Justin Schaefer.


TONIGHT : Festival of the Moving Image 2012

You are invited to the attend the 14th annual FMI: Festival of the Moving Image at the Athens Theater in downtown DeLand. This year the Digital Arts program and student organization GHM: Green Hat Media will expand our usual video and animation festival to also include interactive art, sound art, audio visual performance and music all created by Stetson students.
April 18th, 2012
Athens Theater
7:00 Doors open, interactive art works and music listening station in the lobby, live music performance
7:30 Video and Animation screening featuring video and animations by Stetson students
8:30 Screening of Senior Projects by Kayla Gomme and Brent Walker
8:45 Awards Ceremony

Cultural Credit Available.


Video By Mariah Arieux

A video response to Stan Brakhage’s Dog Star Man, Part II.