Waves Walks

I have a solo show coming up at the Duncan Gallery of Art at Stetson University. The show, entitled Waves Walks, features two bodies of work. A series of works that uses real-time wave buoy data as a means for generating sounds and images and a series of work based on walking. The opening is August 27 6:00-8:00pm and runs until the 28th of October. Below are some in progress installation shots.

The two pieces pictured below use real-time wave height and period data from wave buoys off the coast of Florida. Using custom software the buoy data is translated into low frequency sound waves. The sound waves shake objects such as bowls of water, these objects respond to the sound waves by creating abstract patterns.

I created software that abstracts images I took while swimming in the ocean. Each projection has a design element which changes size according to the current size of the waves  off the coast of Florida.


City Centered

This weekend I will be presenting my project Every Step at City Centered – A Festival of Locative Media and Urban Community The festival is located in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco and features some great artist, so if you are in San Francisco please pay me a visit. If you are not in the area then make sure you check out the website.


36 Dramatic Situations

Prof. Larson to exhibit in NYC

For those of you in New York this week, please join me on Friday for the opening of
36 Dramatic Situations, check out the Rhizome listing here.


The Idea Foundation

The Idea Foundation has featured Prof. Larson’s work for their May 7th page.

The Idea Foundation is an ongoing platform for promoting curated contemporary works of art and visual culture. The Idea Foundation is dedicated to showcasing a unique and broad range of work by artists producing and creating from an array of genre. It is a varied collection of bits and bobs – a gathering of ideas, objects and inspirations.


Prof. Larson featured in the May 6th editions of and the Bevel & Boss blogspot.


New Interface for MPG @ the Intermedia Festival

MPG: Mobile Performance Group has been invited to perform at the Intermedia Festival at the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. We have been working on an interface for the iphone/itouch, using the OSC based mrmr app. We developed an interface that will allow the public to control the manipulation of live video and send text messages which will become part of the video projection. Users will be able to do things such as mix video, choose video clips, apply effects, and use the iphone’s accelerometer to rotate and position the text and image. Should be a blast and we will post updates as the festival unfolds.



I just returned from several days at the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States National Conference (SEAMUS 2010). Held at St. Cloud State University this year, the annual conference is gathering of electronic music practitioners. I gave a presentation on the MPG carepackage, a collection of MaxMSPJitter patches that makes it easy to coordinate musical data over a network.

I also had a chance to spend some time with two Digital Arts alums: Jana Fisher (BA/2009) and Chester Udell (BM/2005). Jana had a piece entitled Top40:France selected for the conference, a spectral composition that she created for her senior project. Jana is currently living in Brooklyn and working for an independent record label.

Chester is currently pursuing a PhD at UF. His piece for trombone and live electronics was entitled Brass Alchemist. It was really well done and I am not the only one that thought so; Chester was awarded first place in the annual SEAMUS/ASCAP Student Commission! Big congrats to him as this is a huge honor.

From left to right: Jana, Dr. Wolek and Chester.


Workshop @ 123 St. Augustine

Circuit Bending Workshop @ 123 St. Augustine from Matt Roberts on Vimeo.

I recently did a workshop in St. Augustine, FL with a group of talented young artist. We made contact microphones and modified toys and keyboards to create some new instruments. We had a blast, it is amazing what you can do in a few hours. It is always a great pleasure to share a passion for making art with others and I hope to hear more from these artist soon!


Larson on Rhizome

Derek Larson was blogged on Rhizome (they even used a still from his video to promote the show).  The show being promoted will be in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC and feature a selection of national and international artists.  It was programmed by Preeti Sodhi and James Woodward for the Mirror/Window video art salon.


Wolek @ FMEA 2010

Nathan Wolek delivered a lecture entitled “Laptop = Instrument?” at the Florida Music Educators Association‘s annual clinic-conference in Tampa, FL. The presentation highlighted how the media has helped propel the concept of the laptop as instrument into the public consciousness and offered some ideas on how K12 music educators can start to wrap their heads about the potentials of making laptop music.