Deep into the Blue @ FMI

Leo Dezes performs his Senior Thesis project Deep into the Blue at the Athens Theater during our Festival of the Moving Image. Check out more photos here


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DIGA 201A 01 – Spring 2011


One Man Band by Patrick Sante


FSSRS in Jacksonville

Four of our students delayed the start of their spring break by one day so that they could participate in the inaugural Florida Statewide Student Research Symposium on Saturday, March 5.  The students and I made the trek up to the University of North Florida to participate in this event that showcases examples of undergraduate research from across many disciplines.  Both projects used Max/MSP/Jitter to explore advanced topics in computer music.

Jon Van Hoff shared the progress he has made on his senior research project which features a new implementation of concatenative synthesis.  The technique uses a real-time analysis of timbre changes to drive sample playback.  This work began when Jon was awarded a SURE grant by Stetson during the Summer of 2010.

Mark Kisch, Brittany Alkire and Patrick Sante showed off their final project from DIGA 461.  They borrowed algorithms from genetic programming and Euclidian geometry to create musical data and drive a real-time generative music engine.  You can hear a brief example of what this music sounds like here.

Congrats to these students on being selected for this inaugural event and for representing Stetson and Digital Arts so well!


Michelle DuCharme & Sarah Buetens

Experimental Video, Spring 2011


Interactivity and Art Finals 2010

Final projects from Prof. Roberts’ DIGA 231 Interactivity and Art class. Students in this class learn how to program their own software using MAX/MSP and how to use Arduino boards to create a link between the physical and digital worlds. Students also learn how to use a variety of switches and sensors such as distance, light, pressure, knock, temperature, RFID and heart rate sensors.


Computer Music Finals

The Fall 2010 crop of students in DIGA 461 Computer Music did a fantastic job exploring algorithmic composition via Max/MSP in their fourth and final project. They produced some creative projects and some equally creative videos to document their work. I hope everybody enjoys these!

Max/MSP Saves Christmas – 4 min, 17 sec

Frank ‘n’ Bots – 4 min, 20 sec

Santa’s Merry Algorithmic Patch of Joy – 4 min, 22 sec

Brownian, Euclidian, and Genetic Algorithms – 7 min, 56 sec


Senior Research: Eric Baum

Eric Baum recently completed his senior research project to wrap up his DIGA Sound major.  He decided to design and build a double-neck electric and bass guitar that he then enhanced with a variety of sensors.  He used the Teabox from Electrotap to manage his sensor connections and built a Max/MSP patch to allow him to loop, filter and process the output from his guitar.  The results can be seen and heard in the following video:

Custom Music Sensor Interface – 6 min, 17 sec


Senior makes the cover of Visual

Leo Dezes on Visual cover

If you are a prospective student, you may recognize the cover above. But for the rest of us who didn’t get one in the mail, I wanted to share the news that Digital Arts senior Leonidas Dezes (DIGA Art 2011) was featured on the cover of Stetson’s new magazine publication Visual. Inside, he talks about his diverse creative interests and his experiences as a Digital Arts major. We have featured some of his work on this website in the past and will be sure to share updates on his forthcoming rock opera with you when it is finished.

Also inside the issue was a feature on Eric Baum (DIGA Sound 2010), who divides his time between being a Stetson student and co-manager/bassists for Run Rhino. Eric is wrapping up work on his senior project this month, a hybrid electric bass & guitar that he created and extended with sensors and software. Look for a video documenting his project on this website in the coming weeks.


Tilt/Shift by Philip Meisner

Tilt/Shift – Stetson LBC by Philip Meisner from Digital Art @ Stetson on Vimeo.