jQuery Mobile workshop by Ray Villalobos

When: Thursday, March 21st at 4pm
Where: DIGA Lab, Davis 106

Stetson University and the Digital Arts Program is proud to announce a free jQuery Mobile workshop by Author and developer Ray Villalobos.

About Ray Villalobos:

Ray Villalobos is a full-time author and teacher at He is also a speaker and author of the book, Exploring Multimedia for Designers. He has more than 20 years experience in developing and programming multimedia projects. Previously at Entravision Communications, he designed and developed a network of radio station and TV web sites. As a senior producer for Tribune Interactive, he was responsible for designing and for creating immersive multimedia projects and Flash games for the site.

About jQuery Mobile:

jQuery Mobile is one of the fastest and most popular ways to build web applications for smartphones and tablets. This course covers the major workflow elements of creating mobile applications with jQuery Mobile, starting with a basic app using components, themes, and dialogs. Author Ray Villalobos also shows how to make your project dynamic and acquire data from other WordPress sites using the WordPress JSON plug-in. Plus, discover how to extend your application through theming, custom icons, and data feeds from services such as ThemeRoller and the YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter APIs.

You can follow Ray @planetoftheweb on Twitter or visit his websites at and


Class Portrait DIGA 301 3D Modeling and Animation

A class portrait from this years DIGA 301 3D Modeling and Animation class taught by Stephen J. Ellis.


Making Art with Augmented Reality a Lecture and Workshop by John Craig Freeman

With the support of the Artists and Lecturers Series at Stetson University new media artist John Craig Freeman will be giving a lecture and workshop Oct 25th and 26th.

Lecture:10.25.12 7:00pm L-25 (bottom floor of the library)
Public Art in the Virtual Sphere
Whereas the public square was once the quintessential place to air grievances, display solidarity, express difference, celebrate similarity, remember, mourn, and reinforce shared values of right and wrong, it is no longer the only anchor for interactions in the public realm. That geography has been relocated to a novel terrain, one that encourages exploration of mobile location based public art. Moreover, public space is now truly open, as artworks can be placed anywhere in the world, without prior permission from government or private authorities – with profound implications for art in the public sphere and the discourse that surrounds it. Artist John Craig Freeman will show example of his work and discuss the role of the artists in the emerging virtual public sphere.

Workshop: 10.26.12 11:00 am Flagler 112, RSVP required
Making Art with Augmented Reality
Syllabus for workshop
This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) – a technique where virtual 3D objects can be overlaid into physical space and viewed through the camera and screen of mobile devices. AR is an emerging tool in game design and offers many exciting possibilities for visual artists and activists to realize their ideas in any scale or location in the world.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:
• Create simple but meaningful 2D and 3D augmented reality objects and place them at specific geographical locations
• Know more about the Layar Mobile Augmented Reality Platform and theHoppola Augmented Reality Asset Server
• Test, view and document your work on location using iPhone or Android mobile devices

Participation Requirements: Each student must provide their own Wi-Fi enabled laptop, and bring a late model smartphone (iPhone or Android mobile device) equipped with a camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer, and mobile Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

John Craig Freeman is a public artist with over twenty years of experience using emergent technologies to produce large-scale public work at sites where the forces of globalization are impacting the lives of individuals in local communities. His work seeks to expand the notion of public by exploring how digital networked technology is transforming our sense of place. Freeman is a founding member of the international artists collective ManifestAR and he has produced work and exhibited around the world including in Liverpool, Venice, Istanbul, Xi’an, Belfast, Los Angeles, Beijing, Zurich, New York City, Taipei, São Paulo, Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Miami, Bilbao, Havana, Atlanta, Calgary, Buffalo, Boston, Mexico City, London and San Francisco. In 1992 he was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. He has had work commissioned by the ZERO1 Biennial, and His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, El Pais, Liberation, Wired News, Artforum, Ten-8, Z Magazine, Afterimage, Photo Metro, New Art Examiner, Time, Harper’s and Der Spiegel. Christiane Paul cites Freeman’s work in her book Digital Art, Second Addition, as does Lucy Lippard in the Lure of the Local, and Margot Lovejoy in Digital Currents: Art in the Electronic Age. His writing has been published in Rhizomes, Leonardo, the Journal of Visual Culture, and Exposure (by debra). Freeman received a Bachelor of Art degree from the University of California, San Diego in 1986 and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1990. He is currently an Associate Professor of New Media at Emerson College in Boston. Freeman writes, “If Andy Warhol set out to create a distinctly American art form in the twentieth century, I identify with those who seek to create a distinctly global art form in the twenty-first.”


Jana Fisher 30k

DIGA Alumni Jana Fisher just released her official music video for “30k” from the EP “Ideals & Deals” . Her new EP will be released October 2nd!


Visiting Faculty: Sean Peuquet

This academic year, Sean Peuquet will join the Digital Arts faculty on a visiting appointment. He will be teaching courses in digital audio, computer music and electronic music. Originally from Philadelphia, Sean is working to complete his PhD from the University of Florida. He is a composer, installation artist, laptop performer and hardware hacker. You can learn more about him via his website or hear some of his work on SoundCloud.

Sean Peuquet

Please join us in welcoming Sean to the faculty!


Alum joins faculty at U Oregon

Chester Udell (BM Digital Arts, 2005; profiled before on this site) will start the next academic year as Instructor of Music Technology at the University of Oregon. Chester recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of Florida and was even featured on the main UF home page via this YouTube video:

Congrats to Dr. Chester Udell on his new faculty appointment!


Summer in the Studio

Every other summer, I usually teach a section of Audio Recording and Production 2. This course gives students a chance to continue developing their skills in the recording studio. This year, we decided to push the envelope and set the goal of producing entire albums in less than 4 weeks (something akin to the RPM challenge).

The eight students below started with nothing recorded on May 16 and here we are on June 8 releasing not one, but two albums! Really proud of the work these folks put into their music. And special thanks goes to Martha Garzon‘s Images and Meaning students for developing album artwork.  You can download their MP3 albums at the links below and import them into your iTunes library.

Dangerous When Wet – produced by Peter Davis, Lindsey Iverson, Kyle Lough & Drew Nunley – artwork by Brittany Alkire
download ZIP archive – 91 MB – 13 tracks, 35 minutes

Lux Nova – produced by Katie Lloyd, Sarah Moore, Kyle Ritch & Kyle Simmons – artwork by Atheer Alharbi
download ZIP archive – 80 MB – 12 tracks, 36 minutes

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Orlando Mini Maker Fair

Saturday 05.26.12 Stetson students and faculty will be showing showing some creative DIY projects at the Orlando Mini Make Fair. Some of the creations on exhibit will be projects created during our Interactivity and Art class. Below are a few of the projects that we will be showing, make sure you stop by and say Hello!

Pong Pong Revolution
Charles Carr, Kayla Gomme, Michael Johnpoll, Jasmine Troche, Roselyn Troche

Dancing Lights Cajon
Gladys Cevallos


ARP mixtape 2012

In DIGA 361: Audio Recording and Production, students learn to work in Stetson’s recording studio and use multitrack DAWs to complete a range of projects.  For their final project, students spend 5 weeks pursuing projects of their choice to demonstrate their skills.  This may range from a studio recording with a local band to a spoken-word piece with accompanying music to a MIDI rendition of an orchestral work.

This year, we have revived an old practice of gathering all the projects together in a compilation that we share.  This used to be done with CD-R copies for the students, but with today’s ease of digital distribution we thought, “why not make an MP3 mixtape and share it with the world.”  If you want to hear the work that these 17 students did, simply click the link below to begin downloading.  Once completed, unzip the archive and import the MP3s into your iTunes or other MP3 library.  Enjoy!

download ZIP archive – 98.5 MB – 67 minutes

ARP mixtape 2012 album art

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Conducing Procepts

Brent Walker (DIGA Sound 2012) decided to take the RPM challenge for his senior research project.  The objective is to record 10 songs or 35 minutes of material during February, the shortest month of the year.  The results are his new album, Conducing Procepts, which you can download here. Brent also produced a short 10 minute documentary about his experience that you can view below: