Alums on Orlando Weekly cover

This week’s issue of the Orlando Weekly has a cover story on the local indie music scene.  The cover features a collage in which you’ll find pictures of David Plakon (DIGA Sound 2009, with his band Saskatchewan) and Nathan Chase (DIGA Art 2001, with his band The Pauses).  Inside the issue, you can read a nice feature about Saskatchewan or learn more about the Orange You Glad music festival where both bands played. Congrats to Nathan and David and all the local talent featured at Orange You Glad last weekend!

Orlando Weekly - March 8 2012

Cover art by PJ Tomayo.  Used with permission of Orlando Weekly.


OST by Daniel Capo

Daniel Capo (Piano Performance 2011) is another good example of how students can benefit from Digital Arts courses even when they are not a major.  While at Stetson, Daniel took DIGA 461 as an elective and has continued to develop his electronic music skills after graduation.  Late last year, he release a chiptunes album called O.S.T. – Original Soundtrack and was honored by Square Enix Music Online with a nomination for best chiptune album of the year. Daniel is currently pursuing an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Techniques at Mills College.  You can get his album on iTunes or Amazon or click the album cover below to visit his BandCamp site.

OST cover art

Album art: Daniel Capo


Three Or Four Words by Parker Chapman

Parker Chapman (Chemistry 2009) may not have majored in Digital Arts, but he definitely enjoyed taking electives in the program, like DIGA 101 and 361.  Parker was able to develop his skills and pursue his passion for making music in the recording studio.  That work has continued since graduating and resulted in a EP called, Three or Four Words.  The 6-tracks are for sale as a digital download with all proceeds going to Smile Train.  Parker is currently applying to med schools and continues to record whenever he finds the time.  Click on the album art below to preview or buy the album.

Three or Four Words Cover

Album cover credit: Ashley Chapman


Final Sequences from DIGA 101-Video

Below is a selection of final videos from DIGA 101-Video. Students developed unique title sequences for a fictitious film of their choice using Creative Commons License video and audio.

The Onyx by Lizzie Bustin

Dreams of Dali by Christy Fitzpatrick

Goldrush by Jasmine Troche

Good Times by Jacob Spangler

Escaping the Past by Nathan Kowal

Fished Out by Becca Shultz

Meltdown by Megan Molle


Deep Into the Blue by Leo Dezes

Leonidas Dezes (DIGA Art 2011) has recently finished mixing his album, Deep Into the Blue.  He started recording this concept album as part of his senior research last year, but he continued working on the mix during his first semester of graduate work at UMBC.  Leo is currently working toward his MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts and is a research assistant at the Imagining Research Center.  Click on the image below and download his album.

DITB cover art

Image credit: Leonidas Dezes


Repose by Gladys Cevallos

Final Experimental Video for Digital Video Fundamentals.


Arduino @ Radio Shack

One of our alums (Michelle DuCharme, DIGA Sound 2011) was out today and spotted these:

Arduino at the Shack

Photo by Michelle DuCharme

Sure enough, it now seems that Radio Shack is carrying Arduinos! Quite a few of our current students and alums are rejoicing right now at the thought of not having to wait for shipping. If you are not among those in the know, learn more about Arduino here.


MPG in Miami

Just before finals last semester, a group of students traveled to Miami for Art Basel and performed with Mobile Performance Group, our student-faculty new media collective.  The performance was the culmination of a semester spent working in DIGA 398 for seven Junior and Senior majors in Digital Arts. You can learn a lot more about the trip here or get a taste of what it was like from this video:

Special thanks to the Harold Golen Gallery and Juraj Kojs for the invite.


Computer Music Finals

With the Fall semester drawing to a close, that means it is time for another set of Computer Music final project videos.  This time my Digital Arts students were directed to incorporate machine listening into their Max/MSP development.  Most of them ended up using the [analyzer~] object, which was originally created by Tristan Jehan and is currently maintained by CNMAT.  You can see the results of their work below.  Enjoy!

Awesome Auto-Harmonizer – 4 min, 2 sec

Triggering Percussion Samples – 4 min, 48 sec

Violin Accompaniment – 3 min, 11 sec

Guitar to Voice Harmonizer – 4 min, 2 sec


MPG Performs in Miami During Art Basel

The Digital Arts faculty/student  collective know as MPG: Mobile Performance Group has been invited to perform at the 12 Nights Electronic Music and Art festival at the Harold Golen Gallery, Miami, FL. We will perform Thursday night (12.01.11) at 8:00 pm. This performance will feature work by students Kim Crawford, Dan Duval, Joe Flanagan, Mark Kisch, Hunter Lee, Philip Meisner, Meg Spivey and faculty Matt Roberts and Nathan Wolek. If you are attending Art Basel please make sure to stop by to experience our performance and say hello.