Healing Art Workshops with Marguerite Perret & Bruce Scherting

12:1:45 Healing Art Workshop with Marguerite Perret and Bruce Scherting

2-3:45 Healing Art Workshop with Marguerite Perret and Bruce Scherting

Artist Lecture: Marguerite Perret & Bruce Scherting
Values Day!  September 16th at 6pm

Hand Art Center Seminar Room
Cultural Credit

 Marguerite Perret, associate professor of art and design at Washburn University in Topeka, is a multi-media installation artist who explores issue-based, interdisciplinary connections between art, science and medicine through institutional and professional collaborations. She has exhibited widely with a number of invitational and solo projects, and has been commissioned to create large-scale, site-specific temporary public artworks.

Bruce Scherting is the Director of Exhibits and Design at the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute’s Natural History Museum where he develops educational displays that document and explore life on earth, past and present. Scherting has worked collaboratively with Marguerite Perret to develop issue based art installations for more than 15 years.

 The Waiting Room: Lost and Found  is a national dialog that examines women’s health issues, healthcare broadly and access, through aesthetic, scientific, cultural, political, economic and literary lenses. As a conceptual framework for this exploration, the medical waiting room provides a psychologically rich context. This is the place where people wait to interface with the medical system, where patients are processed before testing, diagnosis, consultation or treatment begins.