Electronics/robotics components available for projects

Here is a list of electronics and robotics components available for your use at Innovation House. These items should not removed from the room without permission. You’ll have to bring your own usb cables where applicable. There are some power adapters in a milk crate.

We will be receiving 20 Sparkfun inventor’s kits on Oct 18 (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11576).

Meanwhile go nuts on:

There are also a couple small breadboards, jumper wires, some computer power supplies, and of course soldering gear.

The smaller stuff is in the white plastic storage units next to the 3D printers. The bigger stuff is on the wooden shelves.

I would like to commission someone to whip up a soldering fume extractor with a PC fan, 12v wall wart, power switch, and CNC cut body, all available in the room.

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