The Sparkfun National Tour is coming to Stetson!

They’re not a heavy metal band from the ‘80s, but even better:  they’re a band of engineers, hackers, and educators out to “plant the seeds of inventorship” on their 50 day, 50 state tour across the US.

On Friday, October 18 they will be conducting a day-long, very hands-on workshop on the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) at Stetson. With the SIK you will learn how to use the Arduino microprocessor to read environmental sensors, generate music, control motors and servos, make blinky lights blink and generally create new and amazing devices.

No previous experience in electronics or programming is required. This introductory, full-day and free workshop is open to all Stetson students. After the workshop 20 of the SIKs will be available for continued use at Innovation House on the Stetson campus.

Space is limited. Apply now to take part in this workshop at:

More information about Sparkfun and their national tour at:









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