Live camera added to Innovation House

I have added a live public IP camera to Innovation House (a Dropcam). This provides 24/7 coverage of the entire space. It also records all activity for a period of days. The camera is there primarily so members can see what is going on before making the long walk over. You can also use it to see if your print is finished (please do not leave the printer on all night). However since the camera also logs all activity to the cloud, it has a secondary security purpose. It has 2 way audio, but I am going to leave that off for now.

You can access the camera under the Live Cams page in this site’s menu system.

Dropcam also provides mobile apps through app stores so you could check the camera with your phone (it uses Flash so you probably can’t just use the browser on your phone). You will need to set up a free account with Dropcam to sign on to a mobile app. Create your account. Then open up this link and click follow: Then you will be able to find the camera on your mobile device

This is a public 24/7 camera so anything you do in there from now on will be available for anyone to see.

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