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Membership, the reboot

J.J. Abrams was not available for this reboot so I guess we will have to do it ourselves.

Now that Innovation House in the old garage has become Innovation Lab in the Library we will need to redo our membership list.  You will need to re-sign a risk acknowledgement form similar to the one you did before. This will put you on the list for access to Innovation Lab. Let me put that another way: to use Innovation Lab you need to sign the paperwork again.

The form is here,

It will also be available in the library. Please complete it and turn it in to Bryan Roppolo or another librarian. The list of names generated from the singing the forms will also allow us to renew our blog author list and stay in touch with everyone.

We will also announce a series of safety workshops (and other workshops) shortly. You should sign up for one of these if you have not done one. I will try to provide Bryan a list of everyone who has had a safety orientation but I think you will get access to everything sooner if you just take one of the safety orientations when they are announced.

To use anything in the room with the power tools you will have to be on record with the Library as completing a safety orientation.





Internet of Things Weather station at Stetson.

I am assembling a wifi-connected weather station at the Gillespie museum on campus that will stream weather data via As a base I am implementing the Sparkfun weather station project (although with the much more sturdy mast structure already in place). This will be a base that someone who wants to do a project in IoT, interface design, data analytics, etc can work from in the next academic year. It will be operational before the summer is over.

This is the Sparkfun setup. Ours will be more professionally mounted.

This is the Sparkfun setup. Ours will be more professionally mounted.


All-American Makers

I don’t usually endorse TV shows (because the ones I like all tend to get cancelled quickly), but Science Channel’s “All-American Makers” seems especially appropriate for the members of Innovation House. It’s a combination of makers and Shark Tank-style pitch competitions. I though the first episode was rather meh but the second one was much improved. You can check out some clips at: Do  it before they realize I am watching and cancel the series because I seem to be an audience of one :)

By the way, one of the hosts, Brook Drumm, is the guy I bought my 3D printer kit from back when he was just a first-time Kickstarter with no idea how many thousands of units he would sell.








Pitch your way to $300!

SEG (Stetson Entrepreneurial Group) is holding a competition to allow your ideas and solutions to be heard. All you need is a 90 second video and an idea. Submit your idea by November 5th! There is a Social and For-Profit category. You may enter as many videos as you would like however you may only represent one from each category if chosen to go to First Pitch Live which takes place November 11th. Here you will pitch in front of real entrepreneurs and receive feedback.

All you have to do is:

Like the Stetson Entrepreneurial Group Facebook Page and Join your category to enter! Submit as many ideas as you would like but if you make it to the live competition you can only qualify for one in each category, You may have one partner.

Videos Due November 5th!

This link will direct you to the For-Profit Category

This link will direct you to the Social Category

Check out the Video on the SEG Page if you have any questions or email me at

Direct Link to Rules

Mor Gear

The equipment available for member use at Innovation House is listed on our gear page.  In addition, DuPont-Ball library has equipment available for student use. This includes 2 Makerbot 3d printers. One of these printers is a Replicator 2X which offers a dual filament option. The library also has a Makerbot Digitizer, designed to make 3D scans of small objects. Ask at the circulation desk for guidance on using this equipment.


lib2 lab3
















Announcing the Innovation House Prize

The Innovation House Prize recognizes the most effective use of the facilities and tools at Innovation House by its members. During the spring, 2014 semester members are invited to compete for a prize by posting details of projects they have been working on at Innovation House during the 2013-2014 academic year to the Innovation House blog. Postings meeting the requirements for the prize will be eligible for one of four $100 awards. The prizes will be announced at an Innovation House reception during the Stetson Showcase on April 15, 2014.


  1. A submission must represent one or more projects with a substantial amount of work completed at Innovation House during the 2013-2014 academic year. Submissions must come from student members of Innovation House.
  2. A submission consists of two to four postings on the Innovation House blog describing and illustrating the project(s). Each posting must be at least 250 words and include at least two pictures or diagrams. The first posting must be completed between January 13, 2014, and February 17th, 2014. At least one posting must be completed after March 10th. The deadline for all postings constituting a submission is April 7, 2014. Each posting that is part of a submission must have the “IH Prize 2014” category checked.
  3. While the prize will be awarded based on the postings to the Innovation House blog, the physical components of the submission will be examined by one of the judges to verify the claims made about them in the postings.
  4. The postings that comprise a submission should address the following:

A. What was the purpose, intent, or inspiration of the project(s)?
B. How does it build on the work of others? (links are appropriate here)
C. What are the original aspects of your project?
D. What were the materials used and what was the process of construction?
E. What set-backs, failures, or dead-ends did you encounter?
F. How does the final version operate and how well does it meet your original goals?
G. What improvements or enhancements could be developed in the future?


Criteria for Judging

30% Completion of the requirements for submissions
20% Effective use of Innovation House & its equipment
25% Originality and innovativeness of the project(s)
25% Quality of the writing in the submission posts

To submit a posting to the Innovation House blog, log in with your Stetson ID and password at:

Send all questions about the prize to Bill Ball at

Live camera added to Innovation House

I have added a live public IP camera to Innovation House (a Dropcam). This provides 24/7 coverage of the entire space. It also records all activity for a period of days. The camera is there primarily so members can see what is going on before making the long walk over. You can also use it to see if your print is finished (please do not leave the printer on all night). However since the camera also logs all activity to the cloud, it has a secondary security purpose. It has 2 way audio, but I am going to leave that off for now.

You can access the camera under the Live Cams page in this site’s menu system.

Dropcam also provides mobile apps through app stores so you could check the camera with your phone (it uses Flash so you probably can’t just use the browser on your phone). You will need to set up a free account with Dropcam to sign on to a mobile app. Create your account. Then open up this link and click follow: Then you will be able to find the camera on your mobile device

This is a public 24/7 camera so anything you do in there from now on will be available for anyone to see.

Electronics/robotics components available for projects

Here is a list of electronics and robotics components available for your use at Innovation House. These items should not removed from the room without permission. You’ll have to bring your own usb cables where applicable. There are some power adapters in a milk crate.

We will be receiving 20 Sparkfun inventor’s kits on Oct 18 (

Meanwhile go nuts on:

There are also a couple small breadboards, jumper wires, some computer power supplies, and of course soldering gear.

The smaller stuff is in the white plastic storage units next to the 3D printers. The bigger stuff is on the wooden shelves.

I would like to commission someone to whip up a soldering fume extractor with a PC fan, 12v wall wart, power switch, and CNC cut body, all available in the room.