Mission Statement
Mathematics is a powerful and creative science that is well complemented by the precision and pioneering spirit of computer science. As the home to both of these disciplines, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers an intellectual community in which students gain a broad spectrum of mathematical and computing skills and knowledge. We provide programs of study in general education and in advanced study for majors. Our goal is to be recognized for our excellence through the successes of our graduates in graduate programs, professional schools, and careers.

We seek to develop students' abilities to think precisely and creatively about a variety of problems, to write and speak clearly and persuasively about these ideas, and to be aware of the intellectual power and significance of mathematical thought and computing in today's technological society. Through a combination of individual attention, group collaboration, and Senior Research projects, students are encouraged to become life-long learners, and to apply their knowledge and skills to improve the world in which they find themselves.