Programs Overview

We offer strong traditional programs in mathematics and computer science as well as cutting-edge interdisciplinary options. Contact us to find out more.

In response to the growing number of careers that are now possible with a degree in Mathematics, the Mathematics major has been recently revamped in order to allow for greater flexibility in building a major tailored to one's needs and interests. In addition to the general education requirements, a B.S. in Mathematics requires 13 mathematics courses. Of these, the following are required: Calculus I, II, III, Introduction to Linear Algebra, Introduction to Logic and Proofs, and Senior Research Proposal and Project. The remaining may be chosen as electives from an array of courses that include Abstract Algebra, Graph Theory, Probability, Statistics, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Topology, Number Theory and Geometry, to name a few. A minor in mathematics requires 6 courses. More

We offer a B.S. in Computer Science. The curriculum combines a strong set of core course requirements with flexible opportunities at the junior and senior level. The Computer Science major integrates software engineering into a rigorous, research-oriented undergraduate program. This combination prepares students for either graduate study in Computer Science and/or a career in the software development industry. As a Computer Science major, you have access to today's latest hardware and software. Because of the wide range of uses for today's software, the department strongly believes in maintaining and enhancing an interdisciplinary-rich environment. Furthermore, the department feels that students should understand how technology can be applied to make a positive contribution towards life and the environment. More

The Digital Arts Major represents an innovative collaboration among the Departments of Art and Computer Science and the School of Music. It is an interdisciplinary major, designed to give you a solid foundation in Art, Computer Science, or Music, and an in-depth knowledge of digital media. The program is committed to placing qualified students into exciting internships with companies involved in the digital arts. More

The Computer Information Systems track is designed for students who are interested in applying today's technologies to the solution of business problems. Students choosing this latter track are prepared for graduate study in Information Technology, Computer Information Systems or Software Engineering, or a career in industry that emphasizes application development.More

We offer a special program that allows students to get a math major and become certified to teach in Florida. Stetson education majors have a reputation for being well trained, and we have 100% placement of our Mathematics Education graduates into schools of their choice. More