Computing Concentrations

The Computer Science track gives students a broad overview of the field of computer science and prepares them for graduate study in Computer Science or a career in industry that emphasizes the student's technical expertise in the entire field. The Computer Information Systems track is designed for students who are interested in applying today's technologies to the solution of business problems. Students choosing this latter track are prepared for graduate study in Information Technology, Computer Information Systems or Software Engineering, or a career in industry that emphasizes application development. By taking a number of courses that emphasize network and web-based application development, and combining this knowledge with a minor in business, students obtain not only an exceptional foundation in Computer Information Systems, but also understand how technology is applied in business. Students who have an interest in a particular subject area within Computer Science, or interdisciplinary related fields such as Cognitive Science, Biotechnology, or Computational Science, have the option of working with the computer science faculty to define their own curriculum in the Computer Science major. One such interdisciplinary major involves digital media. The department supports this through an interdisciplinary major in Digital Arts.

Regardless of the track, students are prepared to enter a vital and rapidly changing field, either by pursuing graduate study or through leadership in a challenging industry career. The major incorporates the Object Oriented paradigm, the theoretical aspects of computer science, and the skills of software engineering into a challenging curriculum modeled after the nationally-recognized guidelines of the Joint IEEE Computer Society/ACM Task Force on the "Year 2001 Model Curricula for Computing" (CC-2001). The emphasis is on a hands-on learning environment where students learn important concepts as they work on real-world projects. Besides course related projects, majors have the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty members on commercial projects through the Stetson Software Institute, a practicum formed by the faculty.