Choosing a Mathematics Course

Satisfying the General Mathematics Requirement
The Mathematics Placement Exam
Choosing a Calculus Course

Choosing a Mathematics Course
If you want to take calculus, see Choosing a Calculus Course. If you do not want to take calculus, it is recommended that you choose one of the 11X-level courses, offered on a rotating basis. They are designed for non-majors, and have no prerequisites. There is a selection, depending on your interests. Please refer to the registrar's web site for a Current List of Mathematics Courses.

MATH 111Q Finite Mathematics
MATH 112Q Mathematical Game Theory
MATH 113Q/PChaos and Fractals
MATH 114Q Elementary Graph Theory
MATH 115Q Great Ideas in Mathematics
MATH 116Q Cryptology
MATH 125Q Introduction to Mathematical and Statistical Modeling