General Mathematics Requirements

Choosing a Mathematics Course
The Mathematics Placement Exam
Choosing a Calculus Course

Satisfying the General Mathematics Requirement
There is not a universal mathematics requirement enforced by the University. Instead, students are required to pass a course that is rich in quantitative reasoning. This is referred to as the Q requirement or the Q course. Obviously, the mathematics and computer science department offers several courses to help students fulfill this portion of their general education requirements. Nonscience majors may choose to take any of the MATH courses with numbers that begin with 11. The MATH 11X courses are designed to have no prerequisites and are geared toward liberal arts majors in general. Science and Business majors will likely have to take some form of calculus to fulfill the major requirements. Taking a calculus course will also satisfy the Q requirement. The first semester calculus courses are Calculus for Business Decisions (MATH 122), Calculus I with Review (MATH 130), and Caclulus I with Analytic Geometry (MATH 141). Students who seek to enroll in one of these courses must take the mathematics placement exam. The placement exam may be taken online at your convenience. Once you have taken the exam, your scores will be reported to the department and you will be contacted to let you know which courses you may register for. If you have questions, feel free to contact Nancy Wilton or Dr. Will Miles.