General Mathematics Requirements

Choosing a Mathematics Course
Choosing a Calculus Course

About the Mathematics Placement Test

There is not a universal mathematics requirement enforced by the University. Instead, students are required to pass a course that is rich in quantitative reasoning. This is referred to as the Q requirement or the Q course. Scores on this exam will inform placement in to specific math courses (MATH 122Q, 130, or 141Q) as well as guide students and their advisors in choosing an appropriate Q course. Students may take the test online at their convenience. Students who do not earn a score sufficient for placement into MATH 122Q, 130, or 141Q have the option of enhancing their math skills by enrolling in a non-credit, online course before reattempting the placement exam. An orientation and training video for the course offered through Hawkes Learning Systems. Students may retake the placement test after making sufficient progress in the online course. If you have any questions, contact Nancy Wilton or Dr. Lisa Coulter.

Non-science majors may choose to take any of the MATH courses with numbers that begin with 11. The MATH 11X courses are designed to have no prerequisites and are geared toward liberal arts majors in general. Science and Business majors will likely have to take some form of calculus to fulfill the major requirements. Taking a calculus course will also satisfy the Q requirement.

Completing the Math Placement Test:
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer; if you need to download or upgrade you can do so here.
  • Create an account by selecting Register on the log-in screen; be sure to keep your log-in information in a safe place.
  • Once you establish your account, you may take the test at your convenience. The XT version of the test is only for students who require accommodations.
  • Please note that there is a 30 minute time limit.