Computer Labs
208 Elizabeth Hall 205 Elizabeth Hall Wands Center Sampling of Software

1 Triple-headed Athlon 1800 with 512 MB RAM, three 64 MB GeForce II graphics cards, 3 channel audio, joystick, running Win2k

8 Athlon X2 64 systems with 4 GB RAM, 256 MB Nvidia GeForce 7 graphics cards, running Linux and XP

14 Pentium Core 2 Duo with 4G MB RAM, 1 GB Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, running Win 7

5 Dual Core Pentium D 2.6 GHz with 1G MB RAM, running Linux

Mathematica, Matlab, Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, gcc, Python, lisp, PHP, MySQL, Maya, OpenGL, DirectX, Photoshop, Quicktime, Subversion, Logicworks

210 Elizabeth Hall

11 Core 2 Duo E6300 with 1G RAM, NVidia 7600GS, running Win 7 and Linux

5-node Linux Cluster with Core-2 Duo CPUs and 4GB RAM