Why Math/CS at Stetson University?

Below are some reasons that make studying Mathematics or Computer Science at Stetson University an outstanding academic experience. Please browse through the pages of our web site and feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

1. Small Classes
With a departmental student/faculty ratio of 7-1, we can offer plenty of small classes. Freshman calculus or programming classes often contain 20 students, and upper level electives usually contain about 5 students.

2. Individual Attention
In small classes, faculty will know you. You can get one-on-one help from the teacher, instead of a teaching assistant. Our faculty also serve as academic advisors, so that students get the expert advice they need to plan the best schedule.

3. Caring and Qualified Faculty
Our faculty are hired for their knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching. They offer not only a well-rounded exposure to the content but also insights into the subtleties of the disciplines. They genuinely care about students and their performance in their classes. Feel free to contact our faculty.

4. Excellent Computing Facilities
The department controls 3 computer labs.

5. Challenging Curriculum
Our faculty believe that courses are most effective if they are challenging and stimulate a curiosity to learn as much as possible - often beyond the expected outcomes of the course. We facilitate the transition from the rigors of the freshman curriculum to the challenges of upper level courses by offering special sophomore level courses designed to introduce the theoretical aspects of Mathematics or Computer Science.

6. Distinctive Programs
In addition to our comprehensive mathematics major, which offers many more electives than most schools our size, we offer a computer science major with three tracks: theoretical, applied, and digital arts. We also offer a mathematics education program for students interested in teaching.

7. Great Careers
A degree in Mathematics or Computer Science offers a myriad of exciting career opportunities.

8. Senior Research
Every student at Stetson University completes a year-long senior research project. By working closely with a faculty mentor, you will produce a project in a field of your choice.

9. Summer Opportunities
Our students have been active in several summer internships and REU programs.

10. Scholarships
The department offers several scholarships. The Beth Brooks Scholarship is given every year to a female math major interested in pursuing graduate studies in mathematics. The Accenture Scholarship is given to a deserving computer science student interested in computer consulting. Also, an anonymous donor has set up a textbook scholarship for computer science students. The Wands Scholarship (details soon) is yet another scholarship for computing majors.