Selection of Members

Since 1776, Phi Beta Kappa has existed as an honorary organization for those demonstrating exceptional achievement in the liberal arts. It counts among its membership, past and present, some of our country's most famous intellectuals.

Each year, we consider for membership those juniors and seniors in the upper ten percent of arts and sciences majors. Typically, a candidate's grade point average is 3.7 or higher. Candidates must also meet a foreign language requirement. A key criterion for selection is "a commitment to liberal studies." Normally, new members are tapped during the spring semester.


Current membership includes:

  • Grady Ballenger
  • Ted Beiler*'
  • Christopher Bell
  • Ed Coolidge*'
  • James DeLap*'
  • Michael Denner
  • Kenneth Everett*'
  • Alan Green
  • Terry Grieb*
  • Laura Gunn
  • Anthony Jusick*
  • Paul Madden
  • Gary Maris*
  • Peter May
  • David Nylen*'
  • William Nylen
  • Susan Peppers-Bates
  • Elisabeth Poeter
  • David Hill
  • Eugene Huskey
  • Mitchell Reddish*
  • Karen Ryan
  • Robert Sitler
  • Robert Smith*'
  • Gareth Williams*'
  • Malcolm Wynn*'

* Charter Member
*' Emeritus