Neolithic Sites in Western Europe
Images and Ritual Meanings

Kercado, Carnac, Brittany

This is a view of the passage tomb at Kercado, in Carnac, Brittany. Charcoal excavated from the site dates it to around 4500 b.c.e., making it one of the oldest passage tombs in Western Europe. The site is ringed by an irregular stone circle whose stones are graded in height toward East-Southeast. The tallest of the stones stands outside the passage tomb's entrance. There is also an orthostat at the top of the passage tomb. Inside the tomb, carved into the capstone, is the picture of a large hafted stone axe. The site was excavated in 1863 and restored to its present form in 1925. The site yielded a number of artifacts, including human bones, pottery, flint, jadeite axes, and callais beads. Some of these artifacts can be seen at the nearby Carnac museum.

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