Neolithic Sites in Western Europe
Images and Ritual Meanings

Dolmen de Kerbourg, located in the village of Kerbourg in the District of Saint-Lyphard, Loire-Atlantique, Brittany, France.

This view is from the west in the early evening, May 12, 2000, and is of the circular end chamber. The dolmen is 8 meters in length and runs from east to west. The slabs of the corridor rise progressively to the circular chamber 3 meters in diameter. The chamber is covered by the enormous slab of granite you see in the photo. The dolmen is all that remains of a tumulus that covered the stones with earth and small rocks. Bell-shaped vases discovered during archaeological excavations indicated the site was in use at least as late as 2,000 b.c.e. Other neolithic sites in the area date to 4,500 b.c.e., and it is possible this site was originally built around that time.

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