A letter from the editor


It’s that time of year. We’re slowly but surely approaching midterms, Fall Break is right around the corner, and the weather is thinking about cooling down. It’s hard to believe that it’s already October, and it’s even harder to believe that this is our sixth issue of The Reporter this semester.

Unless you know one of our staff members personally, you probably don’t know what all goes into any given issue of our little paper. I’m not going to get into specifics, but coming up with content for eight pages is actually harder than it sounds. Plus it has to look nice, have pretty pictures, and a catchy headline so students will actually think about reading it. Trust me, it’s not an easy job by any means. But our staff has been busting their butts to put out these issues like clockwork, despite the fact that they’re all full-time students who work at multiple other jobs and are involved all over campus.

We’re incredibly vested in this newspaper, all of us. And we’re here for you, Stetson. That encompasses everyone here: students, faculty, staff, alumni. If you’re not happy with us, tell us. Let us know what you want to see in The Reporter each week. Our staff members are all part of the Stetson community, but we aren’t able to be everywhere at once. We might not know about an event that’s happening on campus, or a student athlete who won a huge award, or the most recent scandal.

We can’t do our jobs without you. So tell us what it is that you want. Tell us everything, all of your ideas and grievances, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.


Eleanor Roy can be reached at eroy@stetson.edu