Absolute dominance: how women’s sports took over Stetson


By Sean McKnight, Sports Editor


Over the past semester those of you who consider yourselves avid fans of Hatter sports already know that our women’s teams have stepped it up big this year across the board.

A prime example of our women striving for excellence comes in our indoor volleyball team. During the 2012-13 season the women went 5-32 and lost almost every conference game they had.

It was a mentally and physically draining season for the team and coming into this season, it seemed as though the team was going perform the same that they did last year. However, they had a complete and utter turn around as a squad going 18-19 overall and 9-9 in the Atlantic Sun Conference.

Although they lost in the playoffs to their rival FGCU, the team was able to have such a dominant turn around was outstanding and extremely exciting for a sports fan like myself.

Redshirt freshman Shannon Craighead had much to say about the team’s growth from last season and what it mean to her and the squad to do so well this year.

“We worked hard to change the culture of the program and develop a winning mentality that could only be achieved by us all coming together as one,” Craighead said. “Starting out only our team could believe we could accomplish our goal and it was awesome to show everyone in the conference that we could do it. It has definitely changed the dynamic of Stetson volleyball and has set us up for major success in the years to come.”

I couldn’t agree with her more, the sense of pride and camaraderie the team has on and off the court is envied by many and their continued success is a sure thing in the seasons to come.

Although Stetson indoor volleyball is a great example of how hard our women’s teams work to be successful and show the school that they have earned our respect and support they are by far not the only team. From women’s basketball, to softball, to sand volleyball and women’s soccer, all of these team’s have had or are having excellent seasons and have either performed or are performing at the top of their conference.

Women’s basketball has shattered almost all of their records from previous seasons and although they lost in a nail-bitter of an overtime game against FGCU in the A-Sun championship game, their 26-7 season is one for the record books and an example of what all sports, men and women, should strive to be here at Stetson in the years to come.

While football was the talk of Stetson for the last year, we must give credit to the women’s teams for their accomplishments. I was ecstatic to have football on campus, being a lover of college football, but in the clout that was Stetson football many on campus lost view of those who deserve our support.

The numbers don’t lie and the beauty of sports is that at the end of the day there is either a winner or a loser.

Our women athletes are by no means losers.

Editor’s note: Shannon Craighead is also a staff writer for The Reporter.