Bike thieves arrested on campus


By Olivia Sorrells, Managing Editor


Two male minors were arrested this weekend after they were caught stealing bicycles on campus, according to a DeLand Police Department charging affidavit. The stolen bikes cost an estimated $400, and the two boys were charged with grand theft, loitering, and prowling.

All four of the stolen bicycles were returned to Public Safety. Neither of the boys involved in the theft were Stetson students.

Public Safety officers James Kohler and Robert Elkins initially spotted the two boys around 3 a.m. on Sunday. According to the report, they were checking bicycle locks and loitering on the property, and did not stop when the Public Safety officers approached them.

It was after DeLand Police officers caught up with the boys on Ohio Avenue that they confessed to stealing multiple bicycles. They later led police to where they had stashed three stolen bicycles on the 100 block of East Michigan Avenue.

Public Safety Director Bob Matusick said that the two boys appeared to be the only ones involved in Sunday’s theft.

“We have suffered from several thefts in the past where other males have been identified and additional arrests made,” Matusick said. “I do not think that our students are involved, nor do I have any information suggesting that they may be.”

The two boys were taken to a juvenile detention center. The Reporter chose to withhold their names of because they are juveniles and not Stetson students.