City Engineer: “The worst is just about over” on repairs to Tony’s


By Austin Fuller


The first phase of repairs on the downtown DeLand building that houses Tony’s New York Pizza and The Blind Pig Pub is almost complete.


Johnny Kadriu, who owns Tony’s and whose wife, Tabi Kadriu, owns the approximately 5,500 square foot building, said last Friday that the work being done by L.R.E. Ground Services should be done in a week. Tony’s did not have to close for the repairs.

While the repairs are being done by a private contractor, DeLand’s Public Services Director and City Engineer Keith Riger confirmed that the first phase of the work on the building is almost done.

“The worst is just about over,” Riger said.

Riger said that the damage to the building was caused after sand far beneath the ground began to consolidate, causing the building itself to sink approximately one to two inches in certain parts. Riger said the sinking in different areas of a building is called differential settling.

Riger said that the first phase of the work involved injecting grout beneath the building so that it no longer sits on a loose foundation. Grout is a mixture of sand and cement.

Riger added that the next phase will involve fixing cracks in the building and its floor.

Kadriu said that so far the repairs have cost around $240,000, and that work is not yet done.

“Thank God it’s a strong building,” Kadriu said. “If it was very, very young building, it’s gone.”

Riger said that while both newer and older buildings have different strengths, he did say that Kadriu was, “Correct in the sense [that the building is]stout.”

Kadriu said the work began almost four months ago.

The Pigtails Hair Salon is also located in the building.