Diversity of Stetson athletes



One of the specific goals for Stetson’s Department of Athletics addresses its involvement of minorities on sports teams, and is outlined in detail on the university’s strategic planning resources website.

According to Stetson’s Diversity Issues Plan for Intercollegiate Athletics 2011-2016, the university plans to maintain and increase minority representation in much of Stetson’s Athletics Department including baseball, men’s cross country, women’s crew, women’s golf, and volleyball. In addition, the university plans to maintain minority representation among athletic coaches and staff members, which remains at 18 percent.

In collecting data, the university compared the state of its athletic diversity to the NCAA’s diversity guidelines. One issue addressed nearly across the board in areas such as recruitment and hiring practices is a lack of existing representation of diverse members of the staff. According to the NCAA’s Best Practices documents, they recommend that universities should “implement strategies to attract diverse candidates in the hiring process.”

Moreover, the NCAA suggests that universities require coaching staff to actively recruit racial and ethnic minority student athletes. This, in turn, would lead to an athletic program that does not require alteration to maintain diversity at its core.