ESPN Music Director lectures at Stetson


By Sam Votaw, Staff Writer

Both Music majors and Sports Management majors packed the house to hear ESPN Music Director Kevin Wilson lecture about the intersection of music and sports on Jan. 22.

Around 145 students attended the lecture, which was open to the public, filling the Lynn Business Center’s auditorium to capacity.

Wilson, who was introduced by his cousin and Stetson Sports Management professor Matt Wilson, was said to be a long sought after speaker.

Sporting a purple flannel and mohawk opposite Matt’s suit, Kevin joked “You can see the family resemblance,” before addressing the audience.

Chronicling his experience from humble beginnings at a deli to his position at what is now the nation’s leading sports entertainment network, Wilson explained his current responsibilities: assigning music to play during highlights, segues and advertisements, as well as clearing licenses for the music.

Wilson told students that his job can be stressful.

“The licensing is probably the most difficult part,” the Bristol, CT native said. “Lots of back and forth between the label and us but the final product is rewarding.”

Wilson also spoke about the similar but different worlds of sports and music and what they mean to people.

“They’re both so alike,” he said. “Music really captures the emotion of sports and they’re both in concert with each other.”

Throughout the lecture, Wilson showed students various examples of his work, including the ad campaign leading up to the BCS title game featuring the music of Eminem, and a fan cover of the John Colby-composed SportsCenter theme song featuring a cello and beatboxer.