How to prevent your bicycle from being stolen


Public Safety tells the best ways to keep your bike safe with thefts on the rise

Staff Report

Issue 13 Second draft-6

Bike thefts are on the rise at Stetson. According to Public Safety, 34 bikes were reported stolen from students since August, and the University Village Apartments had the most thefts of any other area on campus.

Of those bikes reported stolen, 90 percent involved weak chain or cable locks that can easily be broken by bolt or wire cutters.

Public Safety does not suspect that it is students stealing the bikes.

In order to combat the thefts, Public Safety has started pushing for students to lock their bikes with U-locks. Another preventative measure is to remove the front wheel of the bike and locking it to the rear one, as pictured in the graphic.

Bike registration at Public Safety is free and aids in returning a lost or stolen bike to its rightful owner.