Is our luck running out? Are we going to war?


By Alissa Pagano, Staff Contributor


I have an urgent message for you: I’m fearful. Not for an impending test I never studied for, or of something continuously frightening, like the demise of traditional animation. I’m fearful of war.

Every day we inch closer and closer to a climate that begs for conflict. The tensions spilled over already in Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria and the like. It simmers in Israel and Palestine, in our relations with Iran and North Korea and now even Russia. In so many other places—including here at home—the status quo burns like an old injury.

Stagnation doesn’t have a good track record, historically speaking. It leads to things like open revolt, or some young upstart deciding the time is nigh for a new regime to lead us to that city on a hill. The good and bad thing about stagnation is that its endurance is not at all compulsory.

And have you seen the state of our economy these days? Sure we’re supposed to be on the up and up, but it’s slow going, and everyone knows one of the quickest ways to jumpstart an economy is with a healthy dosage of war. Add to that the wonders it works for the egos of the winners and you’ve got a homemade recipe called “All the Right Reasons.”

The only thing stopping us at this point is reluctance to collapse the hesitant peace we have brokered for ourselves—and this generation’s generally pacifistic, humanitarian ideals.

(That’s us, guys!)

We of all people should be able to carve out a future of diplomacy and understanding; not because we exhibit these traits more so than those before us, but seem more willing to give it a fighting chance. If we believe in it, we’ll be willing to raise our posterity to the same standard.

However, this generation is not in charge.

That right belongs to the good old boys, the politicos, the only type of men (let’s face it, ruling the world is still predominantly a man’s game) who have the megalomania to even attempt their positions. That’s how this world turns, kids. Those kinds of humans just will go to war with each other.

When you point out that we’ve rather avoided it for a few good decades here, all I can do is shrug and throw my hands to the sky. We’ve been incredibly lucky thus far. But right now, I’m very afraid that our luck is running out.