Kesha scheduled to perform at Stetson


Pop superstar Kesha is scheduled to perform at Stetson’s HatterPalooza concert on April 6. The performance was confirmed this afternoon by a publicity spokesperson at Radio Corporation of America Records, the group that manages Kesha.

Because Kesha has been in rehab for an eating disorder this month, the details of the performance are still up in the air. However, the RCA spokesperson said “as of now,” Kesha is still set to perform at Stetson in April.

Some of the artist’s better known songs include¬†Die Young, Tik Tok and We R Who We R.

Hatter Productions, the Stetson group responsible for organizing HatterPalooza, was set to announce the headline artist on Feb. 14.

Ticket information for the performance is expected to be released next month.



  1. Some of the people are really genuinely upset about the Kesha thing. I think most people get that. But let’s not be fooled. A small minority of people who think their opinion matters more than everyone else’s is trying to blow this way out of proportion so that the Reporter is shut down. Why? Because they don’t like the fact that this year the Reporter actually started doing some actual reporting and is being honest about what’s going on at this university.

    See, far-fetched? Look at the facts. Reporter writers have offered firm but well-deserved criticism of the university all year. They called Stetson out for pretending to revamp Einstein’s when in reality they just found a way to nickel and dime us more. They’ve rightfully criticized the ridiculous tuition people pay here that keeps going up for no logical reason. They pointed out what’s wrong with judicial. Why? Because after looking at our entire collegiate leadership, it appears the Reporter staff is the only group with the balls enough to speak for the actual people, not just the small enclave of nauseatingly stupid rich kids who think they run the place. And now those same knuckle-draggers are trying to use Kesha thing to shut down the paper, because they don’t believe that the average person should be able to voice their opinion. Because they don’t like it when poorer people are smarter than them. And because they benefit from the corruption going on in Stetson; most of these types hold leadership positions not because anyone thought they should be leaders but because they were willing to keep their mouths shut or worse throw their friends who didn’t under the bus. It’s time the vast majority of students here rise up and put an end to this before it’s too late.

    • Seriously. They spend so much money to bring a glitzy, objectified sex object to campus and then turn around and pretend they care about “values.”

  2. Stetson Student on

    It was a big deal. As a former HP member of marketing, one of the biggest accomplishments is getting students excited for a reveal. One of the biggest programs that HP has planned and you go an take that away from them. I know it’s your job to report the news, but you’re also a Stetson student who should have respected the hard work of other students who put this together. It wasn’t your surprise to reveal.

  3. Y’all will be fine, I promise. It is not the fault of the newspaper that someone on the Hatter Production team started telling all their friends “OMG Kesha is totes coming to Stetson!” If I was in the shoes of the Reporter staff, I’d do the exact same thing. Best way to keep a secret is to keep a secret. Just ask that weasel Nixon.

    • Agreed. HP’s staff could not keep it quiet, the reporter got wind of the event and reported. How shocking. Next time HP should pick more trustworthy staff if they want to keep secrets.

  4. Sometimes I hear about something which makes me just a tiny tiny bit more optimistic that maybe this place is heading in the right direction. This is so so so not one of those things.

    Every semester my what I owe on my balance gets increased by at least two or three thousand dollars. Two or three thousand. For one semester. And what are we paying for with that tuition? Apparently we’re paying for bringing celebrities with sterling and wholesome reputations like Kesha to what’s supposed to be one of the best colleges in the south. Sure, we could have used the money for scholarships or research grants or helping students pay for textbooks but who needs that when you can turn Stetson into a must-stop for every talentless celebrity on the planet? How much is she getting paid to show up? How much more are we going to have to pay for the privilege of having such a high-price guest at our school? Who made this decision, and how much meth were they on?

  5. This show is going to be incredible!!! Sad that the reporter tries to ruin the surprise every year but I guess that’s just what happens when you’re jealous haha

    KE$HA!!!!! So. Pumped. Up. For. This.

  6. Great going Eleanor Roy, way to ruin the annocement!! I’m sick and tired of you posting unnessary articles. This shouldn’t have been posted unless you were 100% sure Ke$ha was coming!

    • Great going Hatter Productions, way to spend hundreds of thousands of tuition dollars on one of the worst musical artists ever conceived and cover it up until the very last minute! Thank god for investigative journalism, and give us back the money you wasted bribing yet another celebrity to perform in front of an audience that will once again number significantly lower than one thousand. You better believe I want my paper letting me know every time my money’s being wasted like this.

  7. I agree that this shouldn’t have been posted. Hatter Productions spent too
    much effort to go to waste on this and Stetson and it’s students deserves better. This is truly a shame to be reading.

  8. I love Ke$ha but I don’t know that this needed to be posted. A lot of people in HP have been working REALLY hard to make this announcement special. And now the Reporter has ruined all the fun.

    • @Taylor I understand your pain! That must be awful knowing major, not to mention exciting, news like that and have someone else reveal it before you.

    • Another anonymous on

      I agree with Taylor. The folks at HP work hard to get an awesome performer and make a great announcement for it only to be ruined by someone. I’m sure you folks at the reporter could have waited until February to make your announcement, after HP made their announcement, but maybe there is fun in stealing other peoples fun. I’m not sure.

    • Thousands of people work hard every day and don’t get what they want. Why is it such an outrage when the same thing that happens to most of us all the time happens to HP? Why are they so special?

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