Local Rock Band Releases New Album


By Katie Dezes


Gloomwolf will release their first recorded album, “The Bitter End,” on Halloween.

The band’s members, who primarily originate from the Deltona and Orlando areas, include singer Taryn Roberts, lead guitarist Casey Lerman, bassist Grant Bonilla and drummer Riley Corcoran.

Bonilla said the members of Gloomwolf knew each other for a long time before coming together as a band, but eventually decided to use their individual strengths to collaborate.

The band, which formed earlier this year, produces rock music with an edgy, indie vibe.

“We bring it back to the garage style where a lot of bands get their start,” Lerman said. “[It’s] simply catchy music with a gloomy perspective.”

Bonilla said that the band takes both an old and futuristic approach to their music.

“We want our sound to sound old, but the energy of the sound to feel new,” he said.

Roberts explained that the music they are currently making is laying the foundation for how they will work together as musicians in the future.

“These songs we have now are stepping stones for the songs that will come,” he said.

When asked what people can expect from their upcoming album, Lerman said the songs are “short, sweet, and raw” and “the lyrics reveal a lot about our lifestyle.”

“Musically people should expect a raunchy surf sound with hooks that will get stuck in your head,” Lerman explained. “We want you to feel like you’re sweating in the garage with us and loving every sweaty second of it.”

The band agrees that each song on the album is a collaborative effort. Roberts contributed many of the original ideas for the songs and wrote the majority of the lyrics, but each member provided input, which transformed the final product into something new. The album was recorded and mixed by Lerman at his home.

“As far as writing goes, we do a lot of collaborating on the direction and overall feel of the songs, but Taryn is responsible for a lot of the the foundation of each track on ‘The Bitter End,’” Lerman said. “They are songs he had in his head for a while and each one of us essentially added our own flavor to the pie.”

Roberts said the band may have used songs he had previously written as a foundation to expedite their progress, but the other members put their own spin on everything. He also said he is always open to suggestions when writing lyrics and loves to incorporate their ideas.

“We all write the songs so that everybody is invested in the project,” Roberts explained.

By giving everyone an equal opportunity to express their emotions and share their ideas, Roberts wants the band to become cohesive as artists and have a clear vision of how their songs should be before they write them.

“And I feel the only way to attain that is by positivity and understanding that you’re not the only fuckin’ person in the band trying to say something,” he said.

The album’s artwork and name was inspired by a legendary venue in New York City called “The Bitter End.” The picture used for the album cover was an original photograph taken by Lerman himself.

Lerman said he believed the venue, which has existed since the 1960s, “would be relevant and an ironic name for our first album.” He also found the album name fitting because many artists that have influenced the band have played there and it is located in one of the most artistic cities.

“We’d love to occupy that stage one day as well,” Lerman added.

In addition to the theme of “The Bitter End” serving as an oxymoron for their first album, Roberts said “it kind of in a way says that people are obsessed with death because death is the ultimate enlightenment for a human being and also the ultimate question.”

“It also says that we’re gonna be in there till the bitter end; we’re gonna fight and we are always going to be moving forward and striving for something better,” he explained.

Gloomwolf has big plans for the future. They have already begun recording their next CD and preparing for shows.

The band is dedicated to making their performances an original, exciting, and energizing experience. One of the ways the band does this is through their creative use of lighting and props.

“We really try to think out the performance side of things rather than just perpetuate a set of rehearsed songs like most local bands,” Lerman said. “We want our energy to match the pace of the songs and are always thinking of new ideas for visually stimulating performances.”

“We like to focus on amazing performances, so we try to keep our shows limited and unique,” Bonilla added. “Taryn and I love art and literature, Casey is very helpful in brainstorming and getting things done, Riley comes out of left field with witty ideas, and boom- unique show.”

Roberts, who is extremely energetic on stage, said his energy comes from a desire to show people who he is and what the music is about.

“Rock n’ Roll is supposed to take people to a rougher place; it’s supposed to represent toughness, struggle, pain, and suffering,” he said. “I think the more wild and eccentric you are on stage, the more it shows that you can break free from the everyday norm.”

Roberts said he believes performing live should be about more than people playing music; it should also be an expression and a statement.

“And I think you make more of a statement when you are jumping all over the stage, or grabbing someone by the t-shirt and pulling them in, or doing a front flip off the front of the stage onto a fan and reciting the lyrics into their face, or bashing your equipment apart to pieces,” he explained.

This energy plays a crucial role in the band’s performance and comes from “the desire to show people the inner torment.”

Roberts said that he hopes the band will one day become a nationally-known act that can tour comfortably, play shows every night to different people, and fill venues. He also said he believes the the level of energy will increase even more when playing to a packed crowd.

“That’s when the energy will really come out because the energy is determined by how many eyeballs are watching and who’s watching,” he explained. “It’s not something you even control; it just comes out of you.”

According to Lerman, the band is planning a 2014 east coast tour.

“Expect big things from your boys Gloomwolf,” Lerman said. “We will put Florida on the map.”

“Our music really says it all- our past, present, and future,” Bonilla added. “We are a pack of sad wolves on a quest to happiness.”

“The Bitter End” will be available to download or stream online on Bandcamp.com. Anyone who wishes to get a hold of a hard copy can ask the band personally or pick one up at one of their upcoming live shows.