Newspaper thieves still at large


By Eleanor Roy, Editor-in-Chief

An estimated 300 copies of the Feb. 13 edition of The Reporter were stolen within days of being distributed. The Reporter filed a formal theft report with Public Safety last week and another with the DeLand Police Department and the Student Press Law Center this week.

Multiple students and staff members witnessed students taking entire stacks out of The Reporter newspaper stands from the Commons, the Hollis Center and the library. Students also reported seeing one other student take multiple copies out of the Coffee Shop.

The Reporter has published multiple times in print and online that, “Even though The Reporter
is a free newspaper, it is a criminal offense to take more than one issue because of printing and delivery costs.”

The cost of the stolen papers is $380.40 including production, printing, delivery, refunded advertising and staff labor costs. Property theft of this value is classified as a felony in the state of Florida.

The Reporter intends to seek criminal prosecution and campus disciplinary action, and will proceed to do so after the DeLand Police and Stetson Public Safety conclude their investigations.

If you have any information about this theft, please email the Editor-in-Chief at or notify the DeLand Police Department by calling their non-emergency line at 386-626-7400.

Editor’s note: An earlier edition of this story incorrectly listed the cost of the stolen newspapers. This edition lists the cost correctly. 


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  1. Reading your, “Newspaper theives still at large” column makes me think……..

    You must be joking! $630 ?? That’s 2 school books. Do you realize how silly this “problem” sounds?

    How much cheaper can it be to broadcast the success and community involvement of Stetson University, than the student produced paper. Rather than berating students who are genuinely interested in sharing the gratifying and progressive experiences they share at their college, you should be thanking them for helping broadcast the spectacle of Stetson University and thus proclaim them as the modernistic ambassadors for Stetson that they truely are. Afterall, it is their success that has given you something to write about that is worthy of distribution, beyond the trash can at the end of the month.

    Let me provide you with 3 simple solutions to your ridiculous “problem”.

    1)Forget about it and focus on something more pressing,

    2)charge $.25 per paper to offset your circulation (no one will mind paying a quarter, and they can have as many as they can afford)Wow! How novel; you might have to have a second printing because you made so much money.

    3) Have admissions and marketing unwrite the cost. Afterall, if they aren’t sending a copy to every graduating senior they are targeting, and if the university isn’t mailing a copy to every local resident, (at least a quarterly version), then the entire university machine is missing the opportunity to impress it’ value upon the community. Sort of like a farmer who plants a garden but never fertilizes or waters the plants, and is just willing to take whatever lives at harvest time.

    OH WAIT, THERE IS A FOURTH OPTION… Write an article about how mush your readership has increased due to the accomplishments of Stetson students. Tell everyone how proud the university is that so many admirable events are taking place and that students are engaged with their school. Tell everyone that Stetson students just can’t wait to tell everyone about their terrific college experience. There’s a novel idea; writing a positive and proactive story about acheiving and conquering goals, personal success, and rewards(gratification) instead of writing about loss, anxiety, and funding shortages (whining).

    Next month print more copies and be thrilled when your readership has gone up. Who would have thought increased readership in print media would ever rise, when newspapers are a dying industry. Rejoice”! Someone is actually reading what you are writing, as long as you get the angle of the story right.


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