Potential Hatters can earn bachelor’s and law degree in 6 years


By Shannon Craighead, Staff Writer

The program allowing students to earn their bachelor’s and law degree in six years expanded its benefits for potential Stetson students. The 3+3 program, which used to require students to attend the University of South Florida for the undergraduate portion, now accepts Stetson graduates. It also created a partial scholarship from the College of Law, an assigned mentor, and a $1,500 stipend for first-year books.

The program enters students into Stetson’s College of Law during their fourth year of undergraduate work to finish their B.A., B.S. or B.B.A while beginning their J.D.

Stetson’s Pre-Law Advising Committee created the program last year in collaboration with USF to attract high-caliber students to Stetson Law, since most tend to gravitate up north for law school.

“The origin of the program was the desire of Stetson Law School to recruit some of the top tier students to Stetson,” said Dr. T. Wayne Bailey, Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Pre-Law Advising Committee.

Bailey said he thinks the program’s new incentives will attract more potential students to Stetson’s undergraduate programs.

“This will be a great interest to the [incoming]freshman who have a very strong background because this would appeal only to those who have the potential of strong grades and have scored in the higher level on the SAT,” Bailey said. “All of [the added benefits]are very substantial benefits and my guess is to graduate from this type of program would mark this student as having special qualifications – a perk for the hiring law firm and for the student to be a candidate as a staff of an attorney upon graduation,” Bailey said.

Dr. Karen Ryan, Dean of Stetson’s College of Arts and Sciences, said the recent updates make the program “an attractive option for those students who are inclined to attend law school and they help to unify the undergraduate programs in DeLand and the professional programs in Gulfport and Tampa.”

Stetson’s College of Law will start a similar partnership in April 2015 with the University of West Florida