Public Safety Follow Up


Three male students were written up after they admitted to Public Safety that they shot airsoft  pellet guns on campus. Public Safety Officers Robert Casey and Dennis McGuire were dispatched to Gordis Hall at approximately 8 p.m. on Mar. 23 to investigate a call reporting that a student was seen with a pellet gun.

An RA in Gordis Hall was doing rounds when he says he spotted a student running through the hallways with a pellet gun.

The student was found and questioned by the officers. He claimed he and two other male students were shooting pellet guns in the field between Smith Hall and Gordis Hall. The pellet gun, a pink colored pistol, was confiscated by the officers.

The officers then went to the rooms of the other two males and questioned them. Both admitted to shooting the pellet guns earlier. Their weapons, two pellet pistols, along with a cannister of pellet ammunition were also confiscated by the officers

No further action was taken by Public Safety.

*The students’ names were redacted from the Public Safety incident report.