Revamping Einstein Bros. was not a genius idea


By: Alissa Pagano, Staff Contributor


Have you ever seen those “Your tax dollars at work!” project signs, only to shake your head and wish the powers that be, might put your tax dollars to work a little more prudently? The revamp of Einstein Bros. is a little something like that.

Without a doubt, the aesthetic changes to the HatRack have made it more inviting than ever before. The place seems altogether larger; it’s clean, bright and opened up. The floors have been changed out for (faux?) hardwood and the thermostat is no longer eternally set to polar vortex.

There are electronic monitors to display Einstein’s menu and stanchions that add a decidedly professional flavor. (As an aside, 2.mato, the distinctly less popular resident of the HatRack, seems to have a new cash register and little else in terms of refurbishment).

My favorite part is the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine we’ve gotten out of the ordeal while the staffers at Einstein Bros. seem to greatly cherish their new hot drink equipment—the latter of which apparently cost over ten thousand dollars.

To the price tag for the entire operation must have been astounding. It’s a good thing tuition is so high!

Wait. Not everything is going swimmingly with the overhaul we undoubtedly helped finance, you say?

For one, adjusting to the new system of doing things takes time, thus efficiency has gone down, down like FRAG money. It has become average over the past week to wait upwards of forty minutes to get through the line and receive a sandwich. In fact, if you’re doing forty, it’s not a bad day.

But then we come to the actual sandwich meals. Choices have been further curtailed. Certain sandwiches can now only be bought with money or HatterBucks, unless they are on a special promotional rotation that week.

Others must be purchased as-is, with substitutions costing extra. It certainly is not a life-threatening situation, but it is less convenient, when on-campus food options were already severely limited.

I could put these issues aside if not for the theories behind them. Why must our selections be continually whittled down, especially without so much as a questionnaire? Does the university not want to cater to the opinion of the populace?

I have no insight into the matter. Maybe they were losing too much on tomatoes and wheat bread and decided such atrocities needed to stop. But, these recent modifications are too seemingly arbitrary for my liking. 2.mato didn’t even get electronic menu boards out of all this, and surely we could have avoided them at Einsteins, as well and saved a few bucks for something more practical.