So what’s the deal?


By Michael Allan Galvez


Washington deserves an Oscar.

With the fate of the global market and millions of American lives in their hands, Congress passed a bill just in the nick of time to save the world from economic apocalypse.

Hollywood can’t top that drama.

But yay, it’s finally over. No more waiting anxiously for news about the government reboot, no more worrying about how more than 800,000 furloughed employees will earn their living, no more hearing about bickering politicians who all are in dire need of a reality check in the form of an uppercut. It’s all good now and life is back to normal. Right?

Just kidding.

Don’t get fooled by the sudden good news of a suddenly functional Congress. It’s just the calm before a storm and boy, do we have a storm coming.

The bipartisan deal Congress passed last week only buys it time to further discuss divisive issues about the budget until January. Likewise, the debt ceiling increase is only valid until February. There will definitely be a sequel of this 16-day debacle in the next few months.

But let’s take a second to examine this entirely Congress-manufactured problem. Is it really about the debt ceiling? Yes, you could say that. They’ve been arguing about that for a long time now. Is it really about Obamacare? No, in a sense, it really isn’t. It’s more about Obama himself and the rejection of a twice-elected president by Tea Party America.

Which, if I remember correctly, isn’t as big as they would like you to think.

So what’s the deal? If they’re not that big then how can they do all of this? Well, they’re really loud and influential, it seems. And because of that, the GOP seems to be splitting into two parties now if they can’t reign in their more extreme brothers and sisters. They need to stand up to the extreme right of their party and say enough is enough. They should learn from this shutdown or else the majority of people might entirely lose faith in the Republican Party.

One thing we did learn about this fiasco is that, contrary to some people’s beliefs, our president indeed has a spine. He refused to surrender to the extremists tearing not only the country but also the Republican Party apart.

There are still a lot of things to be done but for just this one thing, I would like to say: You go, Mr. President.