Sophomore advances to final round of qualifying for national tennis tournament


By Sean McKnight, Sports Editor


Issue 13 Second draft-13After last weekend’s men’s tennis tournament, a Stetson sophomore could qualify for the Internationa; Tennis Federation Future ESA-F4 tournament in Palm Coast this weekend.

Although his teammate and fellow sophomore Simon Julian lost in the third round to Matthew Kandath by a score of 7-6(6), 4-6, and 6-1, sophomore Cahit Kapukiran was able to breeze past his opponent Stephen Stege of the United States 3-6,  6-0, and 6-4 in the third round.

Due to his impressive play, Kapukiran will be advancing to the fourth qualifying round to take on the number one overall seed Eric Prodon, who will be representing France.

If Kapukiran is able to keep his  momentum going, his matchup against Prodon will be a favorable one and he has a great shot at making the 32-man main event, and eventually winning the tournament.

Kapukiran has played very well  thus far and even though he will be matched up with the number one seed there is nothing stopping him from crushing his opponent. It is evident Kapukiran has the technical skills necessary to win the match as well as the ability to keep it close if he starts to trail.

Much like Stanislas Wawrinka shocked the world and beat the very capable and top seeded Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open, Kapukiran has everything going for him as the underdog.

The pressure is more on Prodon to perform like his seeding suggests, while on the other hand Kapukiran can bring his loose but effective style to the court and edge out his top seeded opponent.

All in all, the men’s team has had a strong showing at the ITF Future USA-F4 tournament and regardless of placing every single Hatter should hang their heads high for competing so well on such a high level.