They’re Real


By Carley Fockler


Every little kid has that jerk monster under the bed. The one that laughs at you as soon as the lights go down, the one that slithers over to the nightlight and makes the light bulb loose, the one that somehow disappears when your parents check for it. Lately though, the monsters have spread to the point of an infestation in most homes. You have the basement monster, the attic monster, the monster in the closet, the monster under the stairs, the monster in that one room that feels weird, the monster under the bed, and some random ghosts. What do adults expect kids to do in situations like these?

Most of the time they assure us that there is nothing. It’s just our minds playing tricks on us. Well, if that’s the case, why don’t they spend a night alone in my room? That’s what I thought. They don’t leave the lights on for us because they say it’s silly. Call it silly when I end up in another world under the bed missing forever like that one story from summer camp. But when you wake up with a nightmare, it’s serious business. The lights get turned on, you get cuddled, a warm glass of milk, another story. You name it and you get it … but everyone knows nightmares can’t hurt you.

 Adults just never got it. Maybe they didn’t have a monster infestation like I did though. My friends didn’t seem to. My friends also didn’t seem to like my house very much. In fact, after a few years, they stopped coming around at all. They blamed ghosts since we were ten and ‘monsters’ were a thing only ‘babies’ dealt with. But I see them, maybe no one else does, or maybe the grown ups brain washed them. I can’t explain it. I just know that they aren’t all ugly, they aren’t all powerful, but they are all monsters. Sometimes they even look like us. They are the scariest kind of all the monsters I’ve ever met.

I just don’t believe all the hype, all the lies, all the ‘monsters aren’t real, go to bed’ speeches, that everyone kept up. If monsters aren’t real why does it take so much out of you to refute their existence? If monsters aren’t real, why don’t you let me find that out for myself? If monsters aren’t real, then why are you wasting your breath to convince me?