University releases recruitment, retention goals


Goals include more applicants, more retention of students and a higher graduation rate

By Casey Kelly, Staff Writer


Stetson University unveiled its statistical goals for Fall 2014 in its most recent Planning and Reference Guide. The goals aim to increase the numbers in potential student applications, student retention and  graduation rates.

According to data recorded by the Office of Institutional Research, the 3 year average from Fall 2009 to Fall 2011 of freshman applications was 3,993. The university’s goal is to reach 8,000 applications for Fall 2014, nearly a 100% increase.

Stetson is also seeking to increase the discount rate on tuition for undergraduates. In Fall 2009, the discount rate was 46.33% for the academic year. By Fall 2014, Stetson expects it to rise to 53%.

The retention rate for first-year students over a 3 year average was 78.7%, and the university hopes to retain 81% of its first year students by Fall 2014.

In addition, Stetson plans to raise the current graduation rate of 62.33% to 66% by Fall 2014.

“The university has implemented student success, degree audit, supplementary instruction, advising and campus life, counseling, health and vibrancy strategies within the academic departments and university-wide to more fully engage and assist students in navigating the curriculum,” Dr. Raymond Barclay, director of institutional research and planning, said in an email.

“[Stetson] believes the multitude of strategies employed through the admissions process of-late and as part of our firming up of our student and academic support services will seed future improvements in retention, degree progression and attainment,” he said.