Welcome Class of 2018


As the fall semester begins, it’s time to welcome the class of 2018 to Stetson University.

This year, the DeLand campus welcomed roughly 816 new students from all corners of the globe.

6,510 out of 10,734 applicants were admitted, making this year’s admittance rate 61 percent.

Of the students enrolled, 60 percent are female and 40 percent are male. Most are clustered from Florida, New York, Georgia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The majority of students hail from Florida, at 66 percent, while 34 percent come from out of state.

Last fall, Stetson saw the largest incoming freshmen class to date. While this year’s class is large, it is still smaller than last year’s.

According to Joel Baumann, VP Enrollment, the goal was to target a smaller freshmen class and a larger transfer class.

“We expect somewhere between 790 and 820 freshmen, 110-135 transfer students, and about 145 new graduate students (including summer starts),” said Baumann. “Actual numbers are not official till after drop/add in September.”

As of last fall, around 2,700 students attended the university.

“Overall undergraduate enrollment at the DeLand campus is expected to grow to about 2850-2900 students [this fall],” said Baumann.

The university expects to increase these numbers, as well. By 2016, the goal is to see 3000 undergraduate students on campus.

This increase may raise some concerns about room for housing. Last year, the university housed students in the Clarion Hotel because on campus space was limited. Now, the Clarion is considered official university housing.

Stetson is also known for its small class sizes, and with so many new students, some were concerned that class sizes would grow.

Baumann said these issues are being resolved. In order to accommodate more students, Stetson purchased University Hall and Stetson Cove to increase residential capacity, and close to 70 new faculty were hired during the past two years.

“Expansion is a positive development,” said Baumann. “It means Stetson is more visible across the country and the value of a Stetson degree is more recognized.”

Robert Andrews, the new Director of Admissions, looks forward to Stetson’s future.

“For the next three years, the goal is to continue the trajectory to 3000 students,” Andrews said. “We want to bring in a diverse ethnic and geographic group, and we want students who are keen on who the university is.”

To bring those types of students to campus, Andrews hopes to “continue our efforts to help shape the students that are here, and showcase the caliber of young people we have here in the classrooms and the professors who are leading them.”

When asked about what really attracts students to Stetson, Andrews said, “It’s the people—the students that are here. It’s the energy we get from people on campus, and the genuine emotional connection. There’s really a familiar feeling here. We want to bring more people who feel that emotional connection.”