We’re Hiring! Paid Positions!


We are looking to add some talent to our staff this fall!

Although we are all incredibly dedicated to our jobs at The Reporter, we are also incredibly understaffed for next semester since many of us are graduating this spring.

We are currently looking for:

  • arts & entertainment editor
  • news editor
  • opinion editor
  • layout designer
  • web editor
  • business manager
  • circulation manager

These are all paid positions. Money is distributed through stipends, so they will not affect any other work study jobs you have on campus. It is not required for you to have worked for The Reporter previously to apply for one of these positions.  See job descriptions below.

If you are unfamiliar with The Reporter, we publish a paper once a week, three times per month. We cover all sorts of stories–student profiles, concerts, arrests, opinions, etc.

We do all of this to ensure students are provided with news, with the hope that we can evoke positive change whenever possible.

If you are interested in a position or if you have questions, email kdezes@stetson.edu by April 15th. Include your phone number and the position(s) you would like to apply for. You will then be sent an application form via email.

Job Descriptions:

Section Editors (A&E, News, Opinion): These editors are responsible for producing content within their sections. They contribute when necessary and assign stories to contributors to ensure their section is filled. They must be in direct contact with all contributing writers whenever there are story assignments sent out to make sure they are up to speed on their responsibilities. Section editors also conduct the first round of editing and must send all content to the managing editor by their weekly deadline.

Layout Designer: You will not be alone; this is a two-man job! This person would be responsible for the layout of the paper each week (must be familiar with InDesign), working with the other designer to create visual appealing design, while maintaining consistency throughout the semester. He/she assists in creating a template for The Reporter in accordance with the printer’s requirements and must perform a final copy edit of content (especially for any graphics, headlines, photo captions, and other design related elements).

Web Editor: The web editor plans, develops, and publishes web content. This person will maintain The Reporter’s website in both content and design. He/she uploads the print newspaper’s content and updates the cover page to highlight the week’s most important news. The web editor also manages The Reporter’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Finally, he/she must work with the managing editor and editor-in-chief to establish feedback channels online.

Business Manager: This is a position that provides real-life sales and marketing experience. This person would be responsible for coordinating all advertising sales, monitoring budgets, and maintaining relationships with local/national businesses. He/she must create or design ads when necessary, keep records of accounts payable and receivable, track account lines, and prepare monthly budget reports.

Circulation Manager: This person is responsible for distributing the paper each week to their proper locations on campus. He/she must deliver them to their predefined drop-off points and distribute two copies to the library archives every issue. The circulation manager also monitors consumption, returns unused copies to the office, and organizes the archives of old issues in The Reporter office.

All staff members are required to meet weekly.