Young the Giant releases anticipated sophomore record “Mind Over Matter”


By Garen Freed, Staff Contributor


From an appearance at the Grammy Awards in 2012, to having Fox’s hit show Glee cover the band’s 2011 smash “Cough Syrup”, California indie rockers Young the Giant have certified themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the alternative music industry.

Just six years ago, frontman Sameer Gadhia embodied the ever-so-relatable lifestyle of a college student. As biology student at Stanford University, Gadhia knew that his destiny was leading him away from medical School, and more towards his passion: music.

With five years of successful touring and media reception under their belt, Gadhia and the incredibly talented musicians that are the backbone of Young the Giant have buttressed their overwhelming success with their latest release “Mind Over Matter.”

The 13-track LP was recorded at Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles, the very same establishment in which the band recorded their 2011 eponymous debut album.

The band released the album’s first single “It’s About Time” in late-2013, receiving superb reviews from critics and fans. The song features well-orchestrated dynamics that take listeners from a driving rock beat to light indie riffs and smooth vocals.

The utilization of such incredible dynamics is a dying art and extremely hard to accomplish; yet, for Young the Giant, it seems effortless.

Found in the middle of the album, “Firelight” is a haunting concoction of guitarists Jacob Tilley and Eric Cannata’s colorful instrumentation and Gadhia’s soulful vocals that possess a slight tinge of Middle Eastern influence.

With “Mind Over Matter,” the band continues to prove to their fans and themselves just how far they can push the envelope in the realm of alternative and indie music. Whatever the band didn’t already accomplish on their highly-acclaimed debut seems to be in full effect throughout each of the album’s 13 tracks.

Released on a double LP format as well as through digital download and cd, Young the Giant gives fans plenty of ways to experience the masterpiece that is their newest creation.

Even Morrissey, the extremely critical “Godfather of Alternative”, gives Young the Giant overwhelming praise for being one of the best alternative groups in music today.

In support of the album, Young the Giant will embark on a globe-spanning tour starting early this year, with two stops in Florida: Feb. 18 at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, and Feb. 19 at Maverick’s at The Landing in Jacksonville.

The album receives 4.5 of 5 stars for Young the Giant’s outstanding ability to release the perfect supplement to their already successful discography.