Secretary of Communication


Paul Headshot 



Class: Senior

Major/Minor: Integrative Health Science/Education

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Involvement in SGA: Wellness Intern Senator

Campus Involvement: Delta Sigma Phi Vice President, Wellness Intern, Tobacco Peer Educators, Tobacco Free Task Force, FOCUS Leader, BACCHUS Certified Peer Educator, NASPA Undergraduate Fellow Intern, Residential Life Work Study

“I love being a part of the Student Government Association because it allows me to be an advocate for those students who don’t want to or cant speak up to be heard” 

Job Description

The Secretary of Communication is responsible for any duties the President or Senate sees fit to charge him or her with.

The Secretary of Communication shall be responsible for engaging the engaging the Stetson community in terms of marketing and branding. He or she shall also be responsible for publication of events planned, hosted, or endorsed by the Association.

The Secretary shall also be responsible for the publication and advertisement of all of the organization’s events and initiates and shall also be responsible for the organization’s involvement in the community.

The Secretary shall maintain, keep and compile records and logs of the Association.

The Secretary shall be responsible for accepting petitions made by the student body. He or she shall be responsible for advertising the petition’s existence to the student body.

The Secretary, or his or her designee, shall be responsible for the maintenance of the SGA website.

The Secretary may create subordinate positions to assist in his or her duties, with the approval of the President, and shall perform such other duties as the President or Senate may specify.

The Secretary shall regularly report his or her activities and goals to the Senate.