Secretary of Finance

John “Jack” Stautberg







Major/Minor: Finance

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Involvement in SGA:

S.A.F.A.C. Comptroller 2013-2014

Secretary of Finance 2014-2015

Campus Involvement:

Trustee & Security Analyst, Roland George Investments Program

VP Programming, Sigma Phi Epsilon FL Beta

“Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.”

Albert Schweitzer

Job Description

The Secretary of Finance is responsible for any duties the President or Senate sees fit to charge him or her with.

The Secretary of Finance shall manage all Association and SAFAC funds.

The Secretary shall disburse SGA funds at the direction of the Senate and in accordance with Association financial policies and shall disburse SAFAC funds in accordance with the policies of the SAFAC Board.

The Secretary shall serve as the Chair of the SAFAC Board, which shall be a non-voting member, and shall be responsible for its efficient operation and the appointment of the Board’s members.

The Secretary may create subordinate positions to assist in his or her duties, with the approval of the President, and shall perform such other duties as the President or Senate may specify.

The Secretary shall regularly report his or her activities and goals to the Senate.