Committee on Finance and the Budget

Shall have the responsibility of initiating, researching, and acting on bills brought before the Senate that deal with the topic of cost of education and university finances. The committee shall also have the responsibility of reviewing and amending the SGA Budget accordingly after it has been introduced in the Senate.  The committee shall handle any further budget resolutions proposed in the Senate.

Chair: Justin Carioti 


MeetsMondays @ 6PM in Elizabeth Hall 315



Class: Junior

Major/Minor: Business Management/Business Law

Hometown: Orlando, FL

SGA Involvement: Senator for Phi Alpha Delta, SAFAC board member, Action Team member, Senator for College Republicans

Campus Involvement: Notary Public, House Father/RA and Assistant Treasurer Sigma Nu, Office of Admissions and Office of Financial Aid Work Study


“I joined SGA because as the student’s voice, SGA puts it’s members in communication with university officials so both parties can work with one another to better the Stetson community”