Erich's Place
My name is
Erich Friedman. I am
an Associate Professor of
Mathematics and ex-Chair
of the Math and Computer
Science Department
at Stetson
University, which is located
in DeLand, Florida.
My office is 214-2
Elizabeth Hall.
I was born in
1965 in West Lafayette,
Indiana. I grew up in
Indianapolis and went to
North Central High School.
I got my bachelor's degree
from Rose-Hulman in 1987,
and my Ph.D. from
Cornell University
in 1991.
My advisor
was Rick Durrett, who
studies Interacting Particle
Systems. Here is my
Mathematical Family Tree.
I am currently interested in
Game Theory, Geometrical
, and Graph Theory,
though I have published in a
variety of fields. Here
is my Vita.
I mostly teach
calculus and statistics.
This fall I am teaching
Intro Stat, Probability, and
Mathematical Game Theory.
Last spring I taught two
sections of Intro Stat and
Complex Analysis. Here
are the other Courses
I've Taught
I am a
Libertarian and
an Atheist. I consider
myself a Feminist, and I'm a
member of the ACLU. I have
memorized the first 50 digits
of Pi. I am an INTJ and I
Juggle. I build card houses,
and I'm interested in my
Family Tree.
Besides teaching,
my main passion is
playing games, such as
Chess, Go, Backgammon,
Bridge, Poker, and Mah Jongg.
I co-wrote a computer game
called Goldpusher. I also
spend time trying to prove
various solitaire games
are NP-complete.
I own the largest
Puzzle Collection in
Florida. I have solved the
Rubik's cube in 50 seconds.
I also make Puzzles, many of
which have been Published in
Brain Games, WordPlay, and
Games magazines. I also
provide puzzles for the U.S.,
U.K., and World Puzzle
I like Pink Floyd,
the Beatles, Peter Gabriel,
Thomas Dolby, the Nylons,
the Talking Heads, and the
Indigo Girls. If you like
humorous music, try the
Capitol Steps, Tom Lehrer.
Uncle Bansai, and
the Bobs.
For humor,
my favorite comic
strips are Fox Trot, Zits,
Dilbert, and Doonesbury.
I used to love The Far Side and
Calvin and Hobbes. Other
funny sites include the Darwin
, Movie-a-Minute,
Flying Spaghetti Monster,
Bozo Criminals,
and Resumania.
I also like
playing Tennis, going
to movies at the Enzian,
eating Thai Food, the art of
M. C. Escher, listening to the
News on NPR, buying stuff
from Ebay, reading Science
Fiction, making Ambigrams,
and Friendship Bracelets,
and of course surfing
the Web.
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