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Dr. John Rasp's Statistics Website
FSEM 100 - First Year Seminar STAT 201 - Intro to Business Statistics STAT 301 - Business Statistics STAT 440 - Forecasting STAT 460 - Experimental Design Minor in Applied Statistics

This website supports the courses of Dr. John Rasp, Associate Professor in the School of Business Administration at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida.

I am teaching three classes during the Spring Semester of 2014.

  • Two sections of STAT 301, "Business Statistics." This is a standard introductory statistical methods class. It is required of all business majors.
  • One section of STAT 440, "Forecasting." This course is part of the Applied Statistics minor, and is an elective course for the Finance major. It covers a variety of statistical forecasting techniques, with special emphasis on regression models.