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STAT 201
Intro to Business Statistics

This course will introduce basic statistical tools from probability and descriptive statistics. These have valuable "real-world" applications in a variety of fields. We will explore many of these applications, in a wide range of areas, from gambling, to the stock market, to environmental concerns, to civil rights, to sports. The class will prepare you to take STAT 301, the main business statistics course.

Students having difficulty with the course are always welcome to see the instructor during office hours (listed in the course syllabus). The university also provides tutoring resources; the schedule is available here.

Course grades from the Fall Semester 2015 are posted here. Grades recorded in red represent re-submitted assignments. Items marked "L" (for "late") represent work submitted far after the deadline. Final course grades are available on BannerWeb.

Syllabus Schedule Homework Assignments Old Exams Grades are assigned with 
          a random number generator

Homework Assignments

Most weeks, the last 25 minutes or so of the class period will consist of lecture on new material. Students will then complete a homework assignment on that material, to insure that they have mastered the basic concepts and computations associated with the topic. This homework assignment is due at the beginning of the following class period. The first 50 minutes or so of that class period will consist of an in-class activity, designed to apply and extend the concepts introduced in the previous lecture and homework. A schedule of the semester's topics and assignments is given below.

Week Date Activity
DURING class this week
you will do this in-class learning activity
AFTER class this week (before next class)
you will complete this assignment
Mon Wed
1 1/11 1/13 A0: Course introduction H1: Standard deviation
2 1/18 1/20 NO/OPTIONAL CLASS*
3 1/25 1/27 A1: Stock risk and return H2: Normal distribution
4 2/1 2/3 A2: Are markets normal? H3: Expected value
5 2/8 2/10 A3: Analyzing gambles H4: Expected variance
6 2/15 2/17 EXAM 1
7 2/22 2/24 A4: What-if analysis  
  2/29 3/2 SPRING BREAK!!!!!
8 3/7 3/9 A5: Production management H5: Statistical graphics
9 3/14 3/16 A6: Graphs in the real world H6: Correlation
10 3/21 3/23 A7: Correlation applications H7: Regression
11 3/28 3/30 A8: Regression applications H8: More on regression
12 4/4 4/6 EXAM 2
13 4/11 4/13 A9: Rankings and ratings H9: Conditional probability
14 4/18 4/20 A10: False positives and negatives H10: Compound probability
15 4/25 4/27 A11: Applied probability  

*Note that there is no Monday class this week, because of the Martin Luther King holiday. Wednesday classes are scheduled to meet. However, this meeting will be strictly optional — it will simply consist of a repeat of the first week's material (for those who missed it).

In addition to these weekly homework assignments, student will also complete a series of weekly reading assignments, based upon the book How to Lie with Statistics, by Darrell Huff. Information about these assignments can be found here.