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STAT 201
Intro to Business Statistics

This course will introduce basic statistical tools from probability and descriptive statistics. These have valuable "real-world" applications in a variety of fields. We will explore many of these applications, in a wide range of areas, from gambling, to the stock market, to environmental concerns, to civil rights, to sports. The class will prepare you to take STAT 301, the main business statistics course.

Syllabus Homework Assignments Old Exams

Homework Assignments

There will be a homework assignment most weeks in this class. They are of four basic types, corresponding to the levels of knowledge the course progresses through.

We begin with "Review Assignments," designed to help you master the basic statistical skills in the course. "Reading Assignments" develop foundational knowledge of application of statistical tools (through reading Darrell Huff's book How to Lie with Statistics. These are followed by a series of five "Homework Assignments" that explore selected statistical applications in greater depth. Finally, three "Problem Sets" will cover various aspects of applied probability.

Satisfactory completion of each level of homework assignments corresponds with different grade levels for the course. See the syllabus for details.

Week Assignment
1 Lecture Review 1 - Summary Statistics
2 Lecture Review 2 - Histograms and the Normal Distribution
3 Lecture Review 3 - Expected Value and Expected Variance
3 Reading Assignments 1 and 2 - How to Lie with Statistics
4 Lecture Review 4 - Sampling Distributions
5 Basic Skills Test
6 Homework #1 - Ranking Systems
7 Basic Skills Test
9 Homework #2 - Graphs
10 Homework #3 - Consumer Price Index
11 Homework #4 - Correlation and Regression
12 Problem Set #1 - Intro to Probability
13 Problem Set #2 - Conditional Probability
15 Problem Set #3 - Combinatorial Probability